Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Zuzka's Beginner Workout and Coffee Talk, Some GREAT Advice from Bret, Some More of my Posts for BR.TV

Zuzka has her beginner workout posted today:

Workout Breakdown
1. Toe taps x 30sec
2. Mountain Climbers x 20
3. High knees x 30 seconds
4. Jump squat leg lift x 12
5. Jump jacks x 30 sec
6. Chat. / up dog / down dog / x 3
What did you guys think of it? Though I understand that this is low key compared to her other workouts, there was a lot of jumping. I do not think jumping exercises are the best for beginners. That is just my opinion though.
Zuzka also has a new coffee talk uploaded today. I do find it a little weird that she still calls these coffee talks as this was the terminology she used when she was with BR. 
Here it is if you want to listen:

I read this on Bret's FB page today. I freaking LOVE this guy! 
Such good advice for any of you weight lifters out there:
"Progressive overload is the cat's pajamas. But you won't increase your strength 10 lbs per week on a regular basis. This equates to 520 lbs per year. Unless you're a beginner or on serious drugs, you probably won't gain 10 lbs per month on any particular exercise, since this equates to 120 lbs per year. A person who can bench press 200 lbs would be benching 440 lbs in two years if this were the case, but a raw 440 lb bench press is incredibly rare and usually takes many years to produce. You also won't increase your strength by 1 extra rep each week. This would equate to 52 additional reps in a year. If you're an established lifter, getting an extra rep each month is usually unrealistic. For example, if you can squat 405 lbs for 8 reps, it's highly doubtful that by the end of the year you'll be able to squat 405 lbs for 20 reps. There are many ways to set personal records (PRs). If you vary your set and rep schemes, change up exercises and exercise variations, track strength in a variety of set/rep schemes, fluctuate your training stress and effort, and manage your expectations, you can continue to gain strength month in and month out."
I love this advice. I try and reach PR's with my squats and deadlifts as well as push ups by doing things with pausing, tempo and level length to mix it up without necessarily changing the weight because it simply isn't always possible. Weight lifting is a journey! And it is one I'm glad I am on. I love how strong I feel! 
I had a couple of new posts for BR.TV today that you guys might enjoy reading! 


  1. When is the 30/day challenge comming out do u know? I have been doing the old realtime 30 day challenge. I'm on day 15 .

  2. I received a mess from jillian michaels bodyshred and one of the pic is spit of zuzka? Just thought I wd mention :-)

  3. Gina! I am surprised you did this post and did not comment about what she said in her video. Re: the supplement line....the supplement market is oversaturated and I think a poor choice on her end. AND did she say she is doing a clothing line? It was really late when I watched it so maybe I misunderstood. I love her workouts and personality...but I do not consider her fashionable enough to offer any advice. I know fashionable can be very subjective, but I just don't see her in that way. Maybe she meant workout clothing? I think that's oversaturated as well, but it would at least make more sense than regular clothing.
    What do you think!?

    1. Tx Lexxie! You are right. I started to watch this and got sidetracked, and totally forgot to go back and listen to the rest. I will do that today and update.