Monday, March 23, 2015

Lots of New Workouts From Zuzka

Zuzka has posted quite a new few workouts the last few days.

She had her JRC #9 - a jump rope workout which I always like these the best as a cash out.
I actually haven't been doing much of anything as far as cash outs go. Once a week I do 50 KB swings with a 35lber, but most of the time I am SO wiped from my lifting, I don't feel like I need it!

I got up to 165 lbs for my deadlift - only one rep, I felt it in my back a little, so I will try again next week. I did 155 lbs for 8 reps though, and I did 11 pull-ups last week! :)

Zuzka also posted her latest yoga workout which was a yoga workout combined with light weights. I'm not a fan. I like my weights and yoga to be done separately, but that's me!

She posted her workout schedule for the week as well:

  • Monday

    Body Crush #16 X - Full body & Cardio (New in ZGYM)
  • Tuesday

    Cardio Shred #8 (beat your personal best)
  • Wednesday

    Beginner Cardio #3 (new in ZGYM)
  • Thursday

    Benchmark Workout (beat your personal best)
  • Friday

    5 minute workout #28 (new in Workouts)
  • Saturday

    Kettlebell Workout #6 X (New in ZGYM)
  • Sunday

    Power Yoga #13 (ZGYM)

Looks like she has 4 more new workouts this week including the body crush #16 from today:

Workout Breakdown
3. Over a box jump x 10
6. Side Plank hip lift  x 10 alt.
15 min AMRAP – I completed 2 rounds and all the reps from the first 3 exercises.

I like the looks of this workout A LOT actually. One of her better ones in a long time. She STILL needs to do more pulling/back exercises to make her workouts more complete and better rounded.

What have you guys thought about her workouts lately? 


  1. I'm like you and have stuck to weightlifting for quite a while now. I have tried a workout or two from BRs challenges and maybe one from Zuzka, but they bore me to be honest.
    I enjoy the sheer fatigue I get from weightlifting. The extra work I have to put in. I have to be as mentally with it as I am physically. I feel with BR and Zuzka, I can mindlessly go through it. It just isn't enough for me at this stage in my life.

  2. Gina you are a BEAST! 75 kg dead lift and 11 pull ups! Congrats for the personal best :) I like to do a new personal best. I did 7 pull ups, but now I don't do them for months and probably I am down to 5.

    1. I dropped my subscriptions with Z and BR. I prefer KB or weights and TRX. The constant jumping around is too harsh on the body.

  3. I'm surprised people continue to pay for Zuzkas 5 minute workouts. Granted I am not a member so I don't know what the exercises involve but Rumi and fitnessrum have longer, really hard, tons of variety workouts for FREE!

    1. Yeah, I'm going to cancel soon. Rumi's are much better!

  4. Indeed, Rumi 's workouts are very challenging! She uses the very strict minimum of equipement ( a pair of 10 pounds dumbells, a chair and a mat ). She makes me sweat like crazy with her body weight and her 20 pounds of dumbells only! Rumi and Melissa Bender are the best!!!!