Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beginner Workout From Zuzka, New Site coming From BR, More from Melissa Bender

Zuzka posted her beginner's workout. What do you guys think of her beginner ones? This one was pretty good, but again she has jumping in there. I'm not so sure jumping is appropriate for newbies.
She also spelled Cardio (Carido) incorrectly on the post of this workout. Seriously?

Workout Breakdown
1. Scissors x 20
2. Forward / back squat x12
3. Kneeling Push ups to One leg balance x 10 alt.
4. Side to side hops x 20
5. Static Lunge x 10/10
6. Backward lunge kick up x 10/ 10

Zuzka also posted a new coffee talk: But I have not had a chance to listen to it yet. 
She also did a post on bacon. LOL. Do you guys eat it? I don't very often, but I do love bacon! However, I disagree with her take on cured meats/nitrates/nitrites. First - you can get uncured bacon. Second, she compares it to the naturally occurring nitrates found in celery and beets. Naturally occurring vs. added to meats? C'mon Zuzka! 
OK, I saw on Freddy's FB page that the Huffington Post named BR as one of the top 20 fitness sites. Way to go BR! He also mentioned they are building a new site. Interesting! 
As a BR Plus Member I got the next workout with Melissa Bender. It was an abs one and she is wearing the weighted vest
I'm not really a fan of ab only workouts, but not a bad one to do as PART of your workout. Melissa's training style is so calm compared to Lisa. Ha ha. 
What have you guys been doing for workouts these days?


  1. It must be 3 years now that BR is working on a new site... I will believe it when I saw it.

    1. LOL. I do think they always are making changes to their sites!

    2. I haven't followed them in a while because of the lack of anything these days! I'm so bored by them.

  2. Zuzka's nutrition talks are hilarious. I really question her knowledge when she posts stuff like what's in her bacon post - which is basically what you covered here.
    As for her beginner stuff, I'm with you on jumping isn't appropriate for beginners. I know quite a few beginners who don't feel comfortable jumping around so much. I'm no personal trainer, though.
    I certainly wouldn't recommend her to my mother to try.

    1. Good point - I wouldn't recommend her beginner routines for my mom or even my husband!

  3. Did you see her response when someone offered constructive feedback re: her selfie post? She is so unprofessional with her responses to these types of things. I really didn’t think this guy was being rude. They say you see someone’s true colors when they are upset. This actually bothers me because I want to think of her as the nice girl in the coffee talks but these situations taint my opinion of her.

    She needs to remember that when she responds to people like this, it isn’t just the person she is upset with who reads her posts. People like me, who are paying members, also see this and it devalues her product. If someone is rude on her Facebook page, she needs to learn how to be the bigger person and respond in a way that maintains the integrity of her ‘image’, as well as the person she is upset with—because that is part of respectful communication. We should play fair even if the other person isn’t as our behaviour is still a reflection of ourselves.

    Nobody should be abused on their social media, but she seems extremely oversensitive as she responds like this to very simple things. The next thing you see is a war on her Facebook of people supporting the guy she’s mad at, and others supporting her.

    I don’t want to see this crap. If she just lets it go, or learns how to respond to things in a more productive, professional manner, her page wouldn’t be filled up with this drama. Sure, I don’t pay for her Facebook page, but as a paying member, I love looking at her page.

    1. I love it when she responds to people. But that's just me. I think it makes her more real.

    2. I think Zuzka completed over reacted! I'm not sure if she did this on purpose to get more views on her page? But I think it was unprofessional too. She could have taken the high road.

  4. I think it's good to respond, but she needs to remember she is running a business. If I walked into a store and heard a sales associate speak to a customer the way she often does on her FB when she is upset, I would be turned off from the store. It’s not to say that I don’t think people leave rude things on her FB sometimes and that she just need to take it, but she still is responsible for how she responds.

    Someone posted on this blog once that there was someone (PR person?) who would do her FB updates because of the way she would respond to people and they cited a particular example re: a comment she made about a green card.

    I have been a huge fan of hers and very supportive. I followed her from BR, bought all her cds right when they came out, bought zgym right away (even after the mess up on her end, I continued to subscribe t the ‘new’ zgym), told countless people about her, etc etc. I would hope if she was reading this she would at least consider what I am saying and would see me as a valued customer.

    1. I agree Lexxie, but I still wonder if it was done on purpose to get more views and comments on her page.