Thursday, March 26, 2015

Melissa Bender's Workout was posted live today, another BR Flow Yoga with Deanna and Zuzka's Bench Mark Workout

BR released Melissa Bender's first workout with them today! What did you guys think?

Looks like they are doing one workout a week with her just like they did with Chris Walker - and just like they are doing with Deanna and the yoga ( I wish they would have combined these along with all the throw back workouts they have been posting. I think it would have made it way more interesting and less anti-climatic.

How about 2 workouts a week with Chris, 2 with Deanna's yoga and one throw back workout? And once Chris's workouts were done, they could add in Melissa. Once Deanna's were done, they could then add in more throwback workouts including their older yoga ones with Teshia. Just my opinion!  
Zuzka's workout today was a repeat on her benchmark workout. Did any of you re-do it and beat your time? She shaved about 90 seconds off of her time.

She also posted about a web-site called Blue apron where she ordered a box of food for 3 meals for $60. Seems a bit expensive to me?

By the way here is one of my posts for BR's FB page that went up yesterday:

If you need a spiralizer, (click) here  - it is a good place to get one.


  1. I liked Melissa´s workout. It was her regular kind of workout, nothing really surprising, but it was still a nice challenge and also nice change compared to other bodyrock trainers. I am wondering why bodyrock stopped posting workout breakdowns, it used to be quite nice to see what moves are included in their workouts.
    $60 for three meals? That´s definitely expensive and I think also unneccessary. I´d rather make my own meals and go to a good restaurant from time to time as a treat.

    1. I don't know why they stopped the breakdowns either. I loved those! So helpful

  2. I loved Melissa's workout. Her form is so on point and I'm always motivated by watching her. It's neat having Bodyrock's camera techniques because I could see her more, and better. This is great exposure for her and great for Bodyrock, honestly. This seems like it will be a weekly feature (like Chris'), although I'd love it if it were daily.

    Bodyrock's schedule has been off. I've been pinning workouts and following them (I did Day's 1-3 of their 30/10 boot camp this morning) but it's odd not having a rhyme or reason anymore. Meh, what are you gonna do.... if a new website is coming soon, then I'm sure things will be more on track at that point.

    My friends ordered from a meal delivery service prior to their wedding in an effort to lose weight and it was sooooo so expensive! The food was delicious, and I'm all about having someone else prep your food (lol) but it's not realistic for me at this time. It so would be nice, but buying foods I enjoy and carving out time for meal prep works better for now (and for most people). Odd that she wouldn't feature that?

    Reminds me of a time ago when Lisa and all them at Bodyrock did a juice cleanse with The Raw Juice Guru which was super expensive. via Pinterest and via Facebook.

    1. Always love your insights Liz! And I agree about the camera angles on Melissa. I wonder if it was Freddy, Taylor or Paul who filmed her.