Friday, March 13, 2015

Zuzka's 5 Minute Workout and Melissa Bender is Here for BR!!!!

Zuzka has her free 5 minute workout posted today. I typically like these workouts, but today I did NOT. I'm not a kick boxing fan and this was pretty much all kicking, so not my bag. But if you are a kick boxing person you will probably like  this one a lot:

Workout Breakdown
1. Jump Lunge Kick Up
2. Martelo Burpees
3. Jump Squat side kick
4. Front Kick Push Ups (I actually DID like this exercise) :) 
5. Jaw Kick Burpees (Queixada – capoeira kick)
What did you guys think of it? Zuzka looked pretty out of breath, so I bet it was hard. :) 
So good news! Melissa Bender starts with BR next week I believe. I got my BR Plus download and Melissa Bender's first of 10 workouts was posted in there! Yippee. It was a great workout actually. Lots of burpees variations mixed in with strength work. Now this woman KNOWS now to do a real burpee and a real push-up. Nothing against Lisa as I think she is awesome, but this here below is DEAD on good form. Looking forward, elbows back, chest almost to floor, no sway back. Love this.

Melissa is not as peppy nor as enthusiastic as Lisa - her training style reminds me more of Zuzka actually. She is also pretty muscular - a bit  bulky in my opinion, but I don't mean that in a bad way. 
I am looking forward to more workouts from her. 

I did this exercise earlier in the week myself. It's the MAX weight of 150 lbs and I did 8 reps. Geez, what does a girl have to do to get heavy enough weights at her gym? LOL. 


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    1. Can't wait to see the Melissa Bender workout! I do like her workouts, not that I do them on a regular basis, but a change to mix things up.

      Good on ya - with the weight!