Sunday, March 15, 2015

Zuzka's Latest Kettlebell Workout, Booty Yoga Poses, Another Booty Burnout, and Is that Lisa?

Zuzka posted her latest Kettlebell workout yesterday. This one was very different - and a lot of combo's of exercises. What did you guys think?
Workout Breakdown
1. Kettlebell Full Body Combo x 10 (sit-up, push-up, reverse squat, OH press)
2. Kettlebell Swing combo (pendulum, swing, figure 8) x 10
3. Clean & Snatch 10 / 10
I know her new schedule for this week comes out late tonight. I'm actually getting a little bored with her these days, and I'm not sure why. Anyone else? I'm not trying to pic on Zuzka at all. I just used to get so excited to see her new workouts, and I haven't been lately. Maybe because my own workouts are simply taking a new path and I like working on strength better, and her routines are too short. I know I can repeat for more rounds, but again, I am liking the strength aspect much better during my workouts. It's funny, whenever I do a Zuzka or BR routine lately - it feels SO cardio. I don't get the same out of it like I used to. I need the heavy weights to feel like I am using my muscles enough. I DO like cash outs using their routines though.
Here is a post I did for BR last week about getting a yoga booty! 
Give it a read. :) 
Bret actually posted another booty burnout routine and I am doing this today and I am looking forward to it. The glutes are just so hard to get to look muscular. Sigh.....
Give that a read too - there is a video of how to do the burnout as well. 
Freddy celebrated his 40th birthday last week (Happy Birthday!) and there is a pic on his FB page. I can see Kristin, Taylor, Sean in the pic, and is that Lisa next to Freddy? Is she back now? I haven't been on Lisa's FB page much lately, so I'm not too sure what is going on with her.


  1. I actually stopped my subscription to the ZGym two weeks ago - her workouts are too random and too alike, I now to a 4/2 strength training and cardio split with a 15 min cashout on strength days and a 15 min booty or ab routine after my runs - I enjoy that much more - I feel more freedom, se my body change a lot more and I am not bored. In the end I was dreading a ZGym workout after my strength training - dont exactly know why... I think when the weather is better I just feel more like running everyday :)

    1. I am thinking of cancelling hers too. There is a gymnastics weekly workout subscription that I am much more interested in!

    2. I guess you can always come back to her :) I just feel like somehow even though her workouts are random, they are too alike. They dont offer enough structure to truly improve, but not enough varity to want to do them everyday. I have wrote all of hers down and may pick them up later, but as of know 3 full body workouts, 1-2 booty workouts and daily runs will be may game - i really feel much more like that right now.
      I cant exactly explain it but i just think her workouts are too stuck in a rud right now :/

  2. Have to agree with Karoline and your comments. Doing these workouts alone just don't cut it. Love (and need) strength workouts. I've been sticking to Z and BR workouts for just the cashout, after my weight workouts.

    1. I NEED strength workouts too. I have been doing less and less cash outs and just plain strength these days.

  3. I'm still very satisfied with my Zuzka membership. I love the KB workout, I found that even if I train with KB for more than a year, I still have to learn a lot and her KB workout are still very innovative. I love her well balanced schedule and I love that she incorportates begginer workouts so everyone can find a place.

    I think I will love Kristin workouts even if her first one was really a begginer one and I will give a try to Mellissa Bender's workout too.

    It's all good for me!

    1. Love your positive attitude! Yes, if nothing else Z's workouts are very innovative. Lots of people love her. :)

  4. Love the sound of the weekly gymnastic :-) I cancelled zgym last week and not missing it at the mo, I have just really benefitted lifting its so easy on the joints - not that I am bothered with pain but I know in the long run my body will thank me so Much more by having a much more balanced workout schedule, I just need my sweet tooth in check and I will get the results that I am after :-) I love ur blog and the daily hiit good sound info! X ;-)