Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Zuzka has a free workout! And BR's comments on Plastic Surgery

It's only a beginners workout, but what did you guys think? I think it is a nice way to entice people to become part of Zuzka's Zgym.
Workout Breakdown
1. Basic Bounce – 30 seconds
2. Side to side squats 20 reps
3. Side to Side bounce – 30 seconds
4. Side to Side Push ups – 6 reps
5. Easy Jog – 30 sec
6. Back ward lunge knee up 10/10
It was a very low-key work out compared to most of her stuff. I'm not sure if that is really a fair way to show people what she's made of! LOL. 

I also noticed something else: she's wearing the same outfit for a couple of routines over the past week. This means, I am assuming, that she's doing more than one of her own workouts in a day.

This beginner workout Z wore the same outfit as the her five-minute one so I bet she did those two together. I am sure it is easier to film that way too.

Next, I just saw this on BR's FB page:

Kylie Jenner, 17: Has Reportedly Had Six Or More Plastic Surgeries

Why do we care enough to publish on this subject? Because millions of young women – many of whom are tweens, look up to the youngest member of this showbiz clan as a role-model. We happen to think that when you are a role-model you have a moral responsibility to positively impact those people (especially young people) that look up to you. Having multiple elective cosmetic procedures at 17 is setting an incredibly bad precedent. For the record, we are not against cosmetic surgery. People can choose to modify their bodies – its a personal decision – but one we feel that should be reserved for adults.

What do you guys think? At first I was like - WHAT? Look at how many surgeries Lisa has had, but then again she is an adult. Kylie is only 17. God - to want that much surgery at such a young and impressionable age. When I was 17, all I wanted to do was party with my friends. Plastic surgery was the farthest thing from my mind!


  1. Well look who Kylie is surrounded by - all the older women in her immediate life and family (who are supposed to be role models to her) have had some sort of cosmetic procedure. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

    I appreciate that you mention Lisa because, yes, she is an adult. However, she is also a role model to her audience and by telling people to love themselves exactly as they are is a bit contradictory when her face can barely move and when she doesn't resemble AT ALL how she looked when she joined Bodyrock. She looks like a completely different person - which is fine, but scary, in my opinion. If someone close to me had so many procedures that I couldn't even pick out something resembling who they were previously, I would be a bit unnerved. But thankfully, no one in my life has, and even more importantly, it's not my business what someone feels they need to do to make themselves feel better about how they look.

    I look at my nose sometimes and wouldn't mind if it were less wide. Wouldn't mind bigger breasts, either. I don't know; I don't have the income just yet to get surgery or certain procedures; also, I'm scared of surgery, no matter what kind it is. But if I had the money, I would consider it more....

    All this to say, there's no judgement from me to either or any party.... I just think that people should try to love themselves first before doing something so drastic. It's hard to do so when the environment isn't conducive to that, though. And surgery isn't always the answer, as some things can't be reversed/minimized.

    1. YES, good point Liz. I have said that many times about Lisa myself - she is a role model and does give us contradictory advice. She does NOT look like she used to at all. I wouldn't mind having a little nip and tuck here either, but one, the cost, two, the downtime, and three, sometimes I'm just fine to accept myself just as I am! God graced with me good genes. why mess with it? LOL

  2. Zuzka has expressed more than once that she used to tape all her zgym workouts in a day, and that's only because is her job, not that she recommends or think it's necessary.

    I actually feel bad about those famous people that are constantly being photographed. It must be a lot of pressure to have to look good all the time. And I don't care if they have plastic surgery done. I would if I could afford it.

    1. Suri - if you know where Z mentions that, pass it on. I would love to know! I do not remember that. She has always been so adamant about only doing one short workout a day!