Tuesday, March 10, 2015

CRAZY workout from Melissa! Zuzka's Stretching Routine, Behind the Scenes Pic at BRTV, Week 5 with Chris Walker

Here is a crazy workout from Melissa Ioja:


From Melissa: Here are the exercises to burn fat that are found in this fat burn workout:

1) Burpees – 10 Reps
2) 2 Rows 2 Pushups – 10 Reps
3) Jump Squat w/Foot Grab – 10 Reps
4) Burpees – 10 Reps
5) Plank Jacks Holding a Pushup – 10 Reps
6) 3 Squats w/a Press Up – 10 Reps
7) Burpees – 10 Reps

Do for 3 rounds followed by the bonus, 500 High Knees!

OK, the 500 high knees would kill me. I hate the way they make my hip flexors feel actually. YUK. But the rest of the workout looks terrific. :) 

Zuzka has a stretching routine posted on bodybuilding.com: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/zuzka-lights-9-move-post-workout-stretching-routine.html

Here you can see a pic of Kristin, the new BR host as well as Paul - he is another master mind behind the camera - he films many of their workouts. And there is Taylor. I've mentioned her before as she does a lot of the videos as well as still shots. She is the one I submit my posts to and she rocks. She works her butt off! 

A GREAT workout guys - and very different. You should try it. 
Have any of your BR Plus members gotten anything new lately? I have not! 

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  1. Looking forward to doing Melissa's workout tomorrow morning - I wrote it down last night and had it ready to go but totally spaced out this morning. This daylight savings is making it difficult, lol :)