Thursday, March 5, 2015

New workout with Kristin, Booty Advice from Bret himself, My latest recipe for

Did you guys see the latest and newest workout with Kristin? Full body weight training routine. YIPPEE.

She has some really cute posts and videos of herself up on her FB page. You should check it out.
I will admit that at first I was not a fan of her look. She looked very washed out to me in most of her pics. But in her live videos she is stunning. I think she darkened her hair and it looks much better. I know the majority of people look better with lightened up hair, but not the case with Kristin. And she is super fit looking.
I think I am really going to enjoy her. Hopefully she sticks around long enough for us to find out. Hosts do not always last that long with BR. I see Rita liking BR's various FB pages all the time. I wonder why she was never an official host and why they did not keep her.

Anyways, Kristin has a great voice, a motivating body and she was quite natural and relaxed on camera. She mentioned that she loves weight lifting, so I already like her!

OK, I am TIRED a reading about how squats are the way to go to get a great booty. Do squats help? Of course! But they are NOT the best exercise to shape and grow your glutes. I saw 3 different articles today on squatting for a better butt, and I wanted to scream - GO READ ABOUT BRET if you want a better booty!

Here is what Bret has to say:
Before I get started, let me quickly address the squat. Does the squat build the glutes? Absolutely. Should you squat, assuming you can do so comfortably without consistently injuring yourself? Of course. Is “just squatting” the optimal way to maximize glute development? Hell no.
The rest of the article is here:

OK, I will now get off my soap box. LOL. Squats are awesome, don't get me wrong. But there's more to legs and firm butts than squats. I LOVE Bret. He has an article out on how hip thrusts can help your sex life (AH!) and another one on Glute Training for men:
He mentions that women like a good looking booty on a man - not just the other way around. AMEN! Lol.

Well, on another totally different subject - How about some chocolate? How about some yummy chocolate that is also healthy? Check it out!

I'm always in the mood for chocolate. :)


  1. I love when you put interesting links and Bret is my personal fav too :)

  2. I was waiting for Deanna's next appearance yesterday. I wonder what happened there?

  3. I am in love with chocolate! great recipe :-)

  4. I didn't like Kristin first workout. And agree about squats. Still a great exercise.