Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Zuzka's Kettlebell Workout for all levels, Lisa IS doing the next 30 day challenge, and some dieting tips!

Zuzka posted her latest Kettlebell workout.
Now as much as I liked this workout, I don't agree that it is for all levels. KB snatches are an advanced move - period! 

What have you guys thought about Z's workouts lately? I love the little clips of them that she has been posting on her FB page. I think a little teaser like that goes a long way in getting more traffic and possible more customers. 

Freddy cleared things up and posted this on his FB page:

It looks like Lisa IS in fact going to be doing the next 30 day challenge, along with Kristin and Sean. I took a look at Kristin's FB page today and she has a couple of videos up there. She is WAY prettier in live video than in her still pics. I'm not a fan of all the nose rings - from certain angles it looks like she needs to blow her nose to me. Yuk. I have a friend with a nose ring and it always looks like she has something hanging out of her nose. Not to say all nose rings are bad, so don't be offended if you have one, but they need to be strategically placed - IMO. But Kristin looks very pretty and fit in her videos.

So - - - - at the beginning of the year, I had set out some nutrition goals such as no sugar,  more water and eating when sitting down. I've been doing pretty well with all 3. 

I wanted to talk a little bit more about another tip I learned from my Precision Nutrition Certification. 

It's about eating slowly and mindfully. 
You would be surprised at how much less you eat if you PAY attention to each bite. Thoroughly chew your food. Don't take another bite until you are completely finished with the one in your mouth. Put your utensils down in between bites. Use your non-dominant hand when eating. 

These few little things will slow your eating down, helping you to feel full faster and therefore eat less. So simple, but so profound!

Give it a try and lemme know how you do. :)

Lastly, here's another one of my posts for BR about protein powders:


  1. Z KB workout looks good! On my planning for tomorow. It's a more advanced move BUT it's the last KB from the series, I think it's good that she incorporates a more advanced move like the Snatch. She always says at the begginig of those vids that begginers should start with the first one. So if poeple starts at the beggining they should be ok for the snatch at this stage.

    I agree with you for Kristin, she looks prettier on the vids than on some of the pictures. She makes lots of shorts videos and I love that. LM should do more f these.

    I'm there, I have to eat slowly...


  2. I know I am going to love working out with Kristin she LOVES weightlifting woohoo!! I have not been that fussed with Z she recycles a lot of information that I have read ages ago and the workouts for me a bit samey and I feel she is not genuine with some things just my opinion lol! cant tell u how happy I am with Kristin's first workout hope it keeps up, as I honestly was going to cancel my subscription I am however going to be cancelling ZGYM I will miss the yoga but Ali Kamenova style is suiting me now!

    1. Kristin does look really good, and so did her latest workout. I am thinking of cancelling Z too, but I need to to write this blog!!!!

    2. I'm gonna stay subscribed to both for now. I've been enjoying zuzka. Are the workouts with Kristin new everyday or are they once a week?

    3. Good question. I'm not sure how often her workouts will be coming right now.