Saturday, March 7, 2015

The latest workouts and nutrition advice from Zuzka! BR's 30 Day Challenge

Zuzka has had 2 new workouts over the last couple of days - her 5 min yoga workout and her JRC #8.
What did you guys think?

I liked the how the 5 min workout was yoga inspired. It seemed more of a routine to include as part of a workout than one in itself, but I did love the creativity of it. Zuzka is creative at many of her workouts in a way that doesn't seem silly.
This one is FREE if you want to take a look at it.

Her JRC #8 seems hard as hell! I love her jump rope workouts though. Definitely very cardio based, but a good one nonetheless - IMO. Of course there are burpees in it too.

1. Double Unders x 1 min
Rock star Burpees x 10
2. Scissors x1 min
Scissor (2) Burpees x 10
3. One Leg hops 30 sec / 30 sec
One Leg Burpees x 10 alt.
4. Forward back jumps 1 min
Forward & Back squat jump Burpees x 10
5. Butt kicks 1 min
Butt kicks (4) burpees x 10
6. High knees 1 min
High knee (4) Burpees x 10
7. Heel skips 1min
Heel skip (4)  Burpees x 10
8. Double Jump squat Forward & Back 1min
Double Jump Burpees x 10
9. Criss Cross Jumps 1 min
Criss Cross (x2) Burpees x 10
UGH! What a heart and lung racer of workout that looks like. Even though I want to try it, I still am MUCH more of a fan of strength training workouts.

Zuzka also posted about The China Study book - which is all about eating plants - and nothing from animals. She is not convinced this is the way to go - and neither am I, but I am always interested in nutrition, so it might be a good read for me regardless.
Looks like Z did A LOT of reading and then went on to do more of her own research. I know this is going to sound awful, but she doesn't come across very studious to me, so I was surprised when I read about how much she was researching. Good for her though! I like it when she posts tid-bits of exercise and nutrition info - even if I don't always agree with it, it does give you something to think about.

Looks like BR IS in the middle of shooting their 30 day challenge. I believe it is due out in May,
Both Freddy and Kristin have posted about it, and Lisa posted this the other day - it made me laugh.

BodyRockers I'm coming for you .... ‪#‎30daychallenge‬

I know there are lots of folks looking forward to her coming back. It also looks like she hasn't done anything else drastic to change her face again which is good news in my opinion!


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  1. Lisa looks really beautiful; I gotta say. But it does make me feel sad that a lot of women (not necessarily Lisa) do get work or procedures done to look a certain way. Case in point, I hadn't heard of preventative botox until Saturday.... I thought that moisturizing, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep might be enough but I guess not for some, lol.

    My boyfriend did buy me a [novelty] microdermabrasion treatment with a 24 karat gold overlay or whatever for Christmas (which I will be doing this month) - and while microdermabrasion in general would be awesome for scars and evening tone, there's little more other than daily maintenance that I would be interested in trying. But to each their own! All I know is that I want to look as good as I can in the next 20 years lol.