Monday, February 16, 2015

Zuzka's Schedule for the Week, her Latest Kettlebell Workout and a Week's Worth of Workouts from Kelsey

Zuzka has FOUR new workouts for us this week! Yippe.

There are 2 new Kettlebell workouts, a new 6:02 (with a Fashion Haul), and new jump rope workout and a new yoga one. Looks like a good week.
Today's KB workouts looks fantastic:

1. Triple Goblet x 10
2. Figure 8 swing x 20
4. Tornado clams x 10
I did not like the tornado clams - the way she twists her spine when doing this ab move looks like back pain waiting to happen - to me. I would have stuck with the straight leg lifts as opposed to the twisted ones, but LOVED the rest of this workout! 
Tornado clam:
I just don't like the looks of that. But again the rest of the workout looks super good. I can't wait to try some of it!
Looks like Kelsey is posting a weight training workout each day this week on BR's FB page. I would have killed to have written this series since I LOVE weight training, but I have no doubt that Kelsey will do a remarkable job. 
I'm curious as to what else she will do this week. I know there will be a leg day and a chest/tricep day, and a shoulder day in there too I bet. 
I would have done: back/biceps, legs, abs/shoulders, chest/triceps, glutes/full body. 
This workout is over an hour including some added cardio at the end. 
Tomorrow I believe is day #2 with Chris and Thursday should be another workout with Deanna.
We will wait and see. I did get BR's latest Food to be Fit as a BR Plus member, but I haven't read it yet. I will do that later today. 

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