Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Zuzka's Latest Kettlebell Workout #8 For Beginners

I LOVED this Kettlebell workout, but NOT for beginners - IMO. Even though Zuzka is building these routines from other more beginner variations, the Turkish Get UP is NOT a beginner move, and is super hard to learn without a trainer. The routine needed a pull exercise to be super complete. :) 
A TGU is a 7 step exercise that takes time and guidance to learn - nothing something to learn from a Zuzka video or for a beginner - at least I don't think so. Regardless I do really like this workout.
Here is the breakdown in case you are curious. 
Workout Breakdown:
1. One arm KB swing x 20/20
2. Turkish Get Up x 5/5
3. One arm KB swing x 20/20
5. Low Figure 8 squats (x 10) / Jump Squats (x10) x 2
6. One Arm KB Swings x 10 / 10
8. Jump Squats x 10
Zuzka posted it with this pic below and YUK! I am NOT liking those pants at all. With her gorgeous figure she should not be hiding it with baggy pants. LOL. 
Still nothing new from BR - Lisa still has the same post with the Fit Test on her FB page. 
Maybe Friday we will see a glimpse of what is to come? We were promised new things this week, but it's only Wed. Still waiting! 

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