Thursday, February 5, 2015

Power yoga is HERE from BR! Zuzka's 6:02 Workout, My latest post on the Lowest Calorie, but Most Nutritious Foods

Power yoga with BR's newest host - Deanna - is here.

Zuzka posted her 6:02 workout - which was kind of cryptic, but I guessed it was 6 min and 2 secs, and it was! Inspired she said by her new favorite workout clothes by Six:02.
Loved her new sports bra, but NOT those awful pants. Not my style AT ALL. She can pull almost anything off, but I just don't like the look, but that's me.
The workout was super short - yoga inspired and I realllllly liked it! Just add on more rounds if you want it to be longer.

Workout Breakdown
50/10 intervals = 5 minutes 50 seconds
2. Bridge push ups (x3) / V – ups (x3)
6. Rocky Sit ups  (two punches with db)
+ Competition Burpees for the last 12 seconds
I love bridge push-ups and V-ups, but not back to back. After backbends, your back muscles need to relax before contracting them in the opposite direction to prevent muscle spasms. 
LOVE the elbow pike (dolphin pose) to donkey kick and the rest of the routine. I did it at the end of my own yoga workout.

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  1. I think it's a pretty cool sponsporship between Zuzka and 6:02. It's better, IMO, than a website like DailyHiit full of ads! The workout seems hard tho!

    1. Is it a sponsorship? I didn't realize. But I like how she named the workout after it.

  2. I like the pants Zuzka is wearing I've wanted a pair for awhile but my husband hates them lol. I really like the mermaid pants the yoga girl is wearing on day 2. I looked on Nike there not Nike I wonder were she got them. Ive had a rough couple of days so I been kinda stuck in a rut and not in my usual happy mood but I woke up this morning and did the yoga video and I feel amazing now.

    1. What did u think of it Gina. Have u done the yoga video yet or do u do your own yoga

    2. NOT liking the pants. The BR yoga workouts are good ones - too short, but good to add onto a HIIT routine or just do a few of Deanna's in a row.