Friday, February 6, 2015

What's up New Playground Workout from Loving Fit

Lisa posted this yesterday:

Are you missing the ‪#‎hiitmax‬ everyday ?
What are u putting in it's place everyday ?
I'm redoing from week 4.
Chris Tye Walkers Boot-Camp HIIT Workouts are coming very soon to fill the gap.

She also posted a link to their new yoga flow. What do you guys think of it? 
I find a little odd that Lisa posted this - I wish she would have posted this TWO weeks ago. 
What does soon mean? Freddy said this week and it's Friday now! 
I also wish Lisa would do a week of her favorite workouts since she started with BR. 

BR spoils us, so when we don't get new content, it feels a bit off. I understand they cannot provide us with new workouts each and every day or even week for that matter. That would take an army to record and produce. But they CAN just keep us posted of what's going on. If Lisa simply posted the workout each day that she was going to do - and ask - who is joining me on re-doing this one? Who got stronger or better since the last time? That would be WAY better than kind of just ignoring the obvious. Lisa posts every day anyways, she could post the workout of the day of her choice - right? Or am I asking too much? 

Tati from Loving Fit hasn't posted a new workout in a long time. She posted one recently - an outdoor one that's pretty cool:
She is so freaking strong! 

Workout Explanation:

I warmed up by running to the playground, it was about 15 minute run prior to my workout, and I also ran back home.
Set your timer
for 20 minutes. If you really want to get kinky, set your timer for 30 minutes :), and do as many rounds of the following exercises as possible ( IN GOOD FORM ).

  • Elevated Shoulder Presses – 10 reps
  • Monkey Bars – 6 reps + 2 Unassisted Pull-ups ( without taking a break after monkey bars ). Also, if your playground has more than 6 monkey bars, do more.
( This was the first time I’ve done Monkey Bars in many years. I realized it’s a lot harder than it looked. )
  • Pull-ups on Rings – 10 reps
  • Leg Lifts – 5 reps
  • Pistols – 6 reps / side
  • Pull-ups ( unassisted ) – 3 reps
  • Jump Lunges – 30 reps

I'm just jealous because she is doing a playground workout and I am in New England under 3 feet of snow with 2 more feet on the way over the weekend. AWESOME - not!!!! 


  1. i love Tatis new workout! :) too bad i cant do it outside either or well i can but i dont want to do it in the snow lol. more are coming over here too..

  2. I think she does post everyday just I think its on her Instagram. Like today I believe its her sister but they did week 13. I also think it be fun if they did a week of lisas fav workouts. Loving your daily hiit stuff by the way I noticed awhile back when I asked you what you ate in a day and u responded that u eat a lot of foods you mentioned on dailyhiit.