Friday, February 6, 2015

Crazy Coffee Talk From Zuzka, My New Post is Live - Balancing Out your Fats!

OK, did you guys listen to the crazy coffee talk with Zuzka? Some of it was pretty great - about the Pain Free book, and that she is getting certified to learn and teach the healing exercises.

But then she answered a question about alcohol. She doesn't drink very much - just once in a while she has a shot or two of Tequila. Huh?

I'd be drunk as a skunk off of 2 shots of Tequila. She shows us an almost empty bottle - that she keeps in her freezer. And she picks tequila because it is the lowest in sugar.

I just thought that whole topic was kind of crazy and way off when it comes to health and fitness.
Zuzka also mentions that it is her rule not to drink when she's sad - that's how you can become an alcoholic. Hmmmm, I know a few very happy drunks that simply like to party. A very touchy topic.
I like it better when Z sticks to fitness. :)

Anyways, here is another post from me on BR's FB page.

Give it a read - it has some great nutrition info in there for you, and then  give it a like for me!


  1. Zuzana has mentioned before how her father was an alcoholic and how it ruined her home life, and how she herself was an alcoholic at one point when she was working in the Czech Republic and she was scared that she would end up like him. I have seen full blown alcoholics before, and it's not pretty. Prevalent alcohol use is a problem in Eastern Europe, and she's right about alcoholism. You start when you're sad, have no hope whether it be economical or personal, and you drink to take the pain away. Alcoholism is completely different than being drunk after partying. I see a lot of drunks after partying in college, but alcoholism is a terrible thing to have. And drinking when you're sad is an easy way to get back into it if you're recovering. And as for the tequila shots, alcohol affects each person differently. It sounds like the steps she takes is to prevent slipping.

    Sorry for the lecture, but the subject is very personal to me as well. And I actually like it when she expands to other areas, but I will agree that her diet advice (except for the sugar) is pretty terrible.

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