Saturday, February 7, 2015

BR's Boot Camp is coming Tuesday and it is Here NOW for Plus Members! Kelsey's 1000 rep Challenge

Looks like Bootcamp start with Chris Tye-Walker on Tuesday according to BR's FB page.
I was emailed today as a Plus Member with the bootcamp workouts.

First of all Chris is doing TWELVE weeks of workouts for BR. I thought it was a week! Where will Lisa be these 12 weeks?! Will she join in ever do you think?
However - I believe he is only doing ONE workout per week. He also wears some really outrageous pants that I could do without! LOL.

But this first week looks great. Very different and in a good way. He is one hell of a jumper too. WOW. I like the change of pace with a male trainer as well.
The first workout is another fit test and a ladder - starting with one rep of each exercise and progressing until the 12 minutes is up.
The second workout is LEGS. It looks pretty grueling. :)
The third workout is abs.
The fourth is upper body. Looks grueling too!
The fifth one is full body with some pretty interesting (and intense!) exercise combos and it is 90 seconds of work. I loved this day A LOT.

The rest vary from 30 to 40 to the 50 seconds per exercise depending on the day.
Definitely different and interesting. He is good at leading at a group - I liked his style and personality. He is not over the top - pretty calm, cool and collected. He rambles a bit here and there, but that's OK. He makes some comments like - girls you can do push-ups on your knees if you need to. Really? Yikes. I don't know if I like that, but I do look forward to more from him. I do wonder what else will be going on during the week if he is only doing one per week?

If you guys want to do Kelsey's 1000 rep cardio challenge this weekend, here it is:

Zuzka has a new power yoga workout coming tomorrow. I'm always interested in seeing what she does with these yoga inspired routines.

Tomorrow I am re-doing my 600 rep workout trying to make it a little harder each week as I go.
12 reps of each exercise, FIVE rounds.

Deadlifts: Upping to 130 lbs
Push-ups: Chest to Floor (NO cheating it makes a huge difference) I did 3 rounds and the last 2 rounds I dropped to my knees at the 8th rep. This week aiming for 3 rounds then not dropping to my knees to the 9th or 10th rep.
Hip Thrusters: Upping to 140 lbs with a 10 second iso-hold on the last rep
Goblet Squats into an overhead press: 40 lbs - staying here as my shoulders SUCK
Inverted rows: using my jungle gym

Happy Saturday everyone! 


  1. Yeah I downloaded it also and I won't do it just because I prefer to exercise w a female trainer. I wanted my hubby and his friend to try it but after I saw those pants I don't see my husband taking it serious lol. We will see I'll show it to him after work. I really hope we get more stuff w Lisa . I'm sure its hard for her living so we're else and having to travel to film but I can't help but only think about myself. Finally seeing abs you know and I don't want them to disappear on me again

    1. Lol I was watching it thinking Gina's gonna the 90 seconds of work

    2. LOL! I did like his 90 secs of work. You wouldn't use a male trainer?

    3. No I've always been that way.

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  2. Honestly never laughed so much about his trousers ha lol too funny :-)

    1. He needed to say NO to those pants - period!

  3. Thanks for the info for Chris workout! I will plan this one for tuesday. I know that he use a step master for the jumps, I don't have one have home, any replacement suggestion for me?

    1. He does use a step. Use a bench, ottoman, flight of stairs, step stool, or sturdy laundry basket