Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lots going on in the world of BRTV today: Chris Tye-Walker, Lisa is not coming back til MAY, Leg Day, New Host, Fat Shaming?

Today was the second workout with Chris Tye-Walker - LEGS!
Looks pretty tough - a great cash out or repeat it 2-3 times. I know one of you commented you don't like body part workouts and prefer total body (I actually do too) and another one of you commented you won't do male trainer workouts and will wait for Lisa. Well, you have a long wait guys! She is coming back in May - along with Sean and the new host Kristen.:

According to Freddy:

Looking forward to assembling the entire BR team in March to shoot a new 30 Day Challenge (to be released in May). The challenge will be lead by Lisa, Sean and our latest contract Trainer Kristin. Kristin (who is a registered PT) will have her fan page up in March, but I'm excited to welcome her as a full-time host and member of our BR family.

And Kelsey posted a leg workout today too: http://www.dailyhiit.com/hiit-blog/hiit-workout/leg-workouts/5-day-weight-training-plan-legs-tuesday/
She mentions to do 2 rounds. Perhaps do one round of hers and one round of Chris's for a killer leg workout! Though I still can't take Chris's pants seriously. LOL .

Kristin is BR's latest trainer. You probably have noticed her on their Equalizer and HIIT Bar ads.
They also posted this of her today: http://instagram.com/p/zLvhn6gHbY/
UGH. I am so NOT a fan of this - she is working her legs and shoulders and all we see are her fake boobs in the camera? Sigh....I'd be more motivated to see muscular shoulders or thighs working than plastic breasts, but that's me. I get that 99.9% of women in the fitness industry have fake breasts, but it does not inspire me to workout. They look great on most women, but it's not a triggering factor for me. I don't mean this as a dig against Kristin. We will have to see her in action first!

BR posted another controversial topic today and some people kinda went nuts on them.

It's about celebrities getting an obese makeover. People often go nuts in their comments to BR, and I think that is to be expected at this point. But what I did not expect was BR's responses!!!

BodyRockTv Before you flip the fuck out why don't you actually READ the article. We don't shame anyone ever.

OUCH! I am surprised by that response. I wonder if it is Freddy or Sean or another person at BR who writes these?

BR also posted another one of their Degree workouts: http://www.dailyhiit.com/hiit-blog/hiit-workout/48-hour-full-body-burn/

Lastly, I've got another post coming out later tonight (this link will be live after 5pm EST):


OK guys! Have fun reading through all of this. I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. That definitely was some response from Bodyrock, lol, but I really do like how blunt they are sometimes. It's part of their style. I prefer THAT as opposed to all the boob shots, to be honest. Some people just need to be schooled (and they didn't do any name-calling or anything). I dunno, maybe it's just me.

    Oddly enough I haven't tried any of Chris' workouts (yet, maybe tomorrow morning) but I've been a little off without a full on schedule or anything from the BR team. Maybe I haven't been following along closely enough? I did Day 11 from the RTC this morning, and will hopefully fit in the Sweet Nothing workout later this evening, for added core work. Guess I've been taking their stuff for granted lately.

    Have you heard of a trainer called Kayla Itsines? She also does HIIT; her programs are a little out of my league price-wise. I had never even heard of her before about a week ago because Freelee the Banana Girl on FB was critiquing her diet guides. Anyway, was just wondering what you might think or if you'd heard of her before.

    1. I haven't heard of Kayla Itsines! I just checked her out and she is pricey!

    2. I did a Pinterest search on her and a lot of her stuff is there. I don't know if it's the actual program or diet guides, of course (and didn't search in that regard), but I was curious to see a sampling of what she's offering. It looks pretty standard? Which is a little unfortunate that people are paying so much money for the program. But whatever motivates people! It's probably a lot less than the price of a face-to-face trainer, but at the same time I'd have a hard time justifying the price. The Before and After photos are pretty motivating, though. But I could say that about a lot of programs. :)