Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zuzka's Latest KB Workout, My Latest Post's for BR, BR Was Named #3 by Marie Claire as one of the top online fitness sites, Kelsey's latest workout

What did you guys think of Zuzka's latest Kettlebell Workout? I thought it was too short, but I did really like it. I loved the combo of swings, cleans into windmills or overhead squats.
I am still doubting the amount of time Z says works out. I still think she is sneaking in pull-ups, handstands, biking, hiking, running, and the like on a daily basis. She has to be practicing KB's and yoga other than on her videos because how else is she coming up with some of the new exercises? Does she seriously just wing it when she is on camera? I don't teach new stuff to my classes without trying it out myself first! Anyways......

I find that I LOVE KB's so much I want to do them more often. But I also love regular weight lifting. I LOVE yoga. I love gymnastics. Geez - there are only so many hours in the day! Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting good at anything because I dabble in so much stuff. But then again I'm keeping myself fit, so that's OK too.

Here are a couple of my latest posts for BR. Check em out and  let me know what you think! Pretty interesting stuff actually. :)

Did you guys see that BR was named #3 in Marie Clarie's mag as one of the top online fitness sites? Well deserved and good for them! I can't see on the list who else is in there?

Kelsey has another workout posted today - Chest/Triceps. All of her workouts this week are weight training workouts, but she throws in high knees, burpees and the like throughout the workout, AND then she recommends HIIT workouts at the end of the weight training. I would rather do ALL the heavier weight training and no HIIT type work until the end. I would take out the high knees, burpees, etc til the end. Draining yourself like that while weight training detracts from your strength. You can't really focus on both super effectively at once.
This is not to say Kelsey's workouts are bad. I think she has done a SUPER job with them. I hope they have her do another series! :)

This is the pic they used to promote Kelsey's workout:

Despite the fact that this pic is incredibly gorgeous, I think they should use pics of Kelsey for her own workouts.
I'm not sure whose body this is? Is it the new girl Kristin? I see some of the reddish hair along the chin line. What a beautiful body! I am so used to seeing Brooke's body - and it seems like she is just a model for BR? Kristin is supposed to be an actual new trainer? 
I think Brooke is stunning and it doesn't look like she's had any obvious plastic surgery. As gorgeous as this pic is - those boobs are not real. Which is fine - I just get sick of seeing it all the time. 

I saw on FB yesterday from one of the sites I follow - if money was no object, would you get plastic surgery? I seriously pondered on that one. It's not the money (well it is), but even if I had the money, it's the downtime. If money and downtime were no object, then I would consider it. :) New boobs with a week's rest? And paid for? OK, I'd do it. But I would get VERY small implants. Only to make my boobs look like they did pre-babies. NOT to make them bigger. I prefer small breasts. Mine were HUGE when I was nursing, and for the love of God what a nuisance. LOL. 

I am curious to see what Kristin brings though. We have a few more weeks of Chris, then Melissa Bender. then it looks like we will be back with Lisa, Sean and Kristin. 
I wonder if they will use Deanna again for yoga. 
I think they need to do yoga differently - IMO. 
They need YOGA workouts that are HARD and longer to make people want to do them - work up a sweat kind of yoga. OR simply do relaxing ones for after the HIIT workouts. 


  1. I like that Athlean-XX (the people Melissa Ioja has been working with) is number 4. :)

    1. I saw that too! I wonder if Z is in there? Probably not or she would have mentioned it on her FB page.

  2. I totally agree with pretty much everything! The boob thing just really highlights my insecurities and I'm with u :-) I would love a body sculpt programme dedicated to just weights, resistance and yogamastics lol I have so so many ideas I need to get serious about it! Loved ur blogs keeps me informed with legitimate info :-)

  3. I did Chris leg workout today after my Spinning class and I found It boring! I was planning to do all of the Bootcamp workouts but I'm not sure now. I'm curious about Kristen workouts but It looks like Freddy is back behind the camera, the filming is getting pretty much sexy and focusing on boobs and butt...oh well...

    1. I noticed that about Kristin too. You thought Chris's workout was boring?! Because he is boring or because Lisa is so bubbly? He has one later in the series than is 90 secs of work that I really liked. :)

  4. Chris is great but the exercices in his last workout were boring! :)