Monday, January 19, 2015

Zuzka's Weekly schedule, Cardio Shred #11, Exercise Library, Post workout recipe, Lisa's favorites

Zuzka posted her schedule a little earlier last night than usual. This week we have a new Cardio Shred, a new 5 min workout, a new Zspecial, new beginner Kettlebell workout and a new Power yoga workout! Seems like lots of goodies from Z this week.
For starters, I loved Zuzka's cardio shred #11: full body with a good mix of cardio and strength.
Tomorrow is an upper body workout -- which I like on her part because today focused more on legs. I've never tried the KB pendulum - looks like an interesting exercise. I'm going to try it and see how it feels on the lower back before I form an opinion.
Z listed an extra workout each day for her Dietbet folks.
She also has a new workout library which I think it great! Have you guys had a look? I think it is a bummer that she does this for ZGym members only. I think this should be free for everyone. She is not doing as much free stuff as she used to. Now that she is making all the profits from her own ZGym, I think she should offer some free workouts. 
Also, I didn't realize that her benchmark workout was the same one she used back in 2013 (thank you Suri for mentioning it). What do you guys think of Zuzka constantly recycling older workouts and charging us for them?
Actually, BR is doing the same thing this week, but much of it is still free.

I wasn't sure what to make of Zuzka's post workout meal. 136 calories? Seems awfully low? I guess if it's a snack and you follow it up with a meal within 2 hours it should be ok. It seems yummy though. I'm not familiar with Vita Whey protein. Do any of you use it? It is made with Whey and sunflower lecithin only.

I mean this looks like it was made in a shot glass! LOL. How could this possibly be filling?

So as mentioned before, Lisa is posting her favorite workouts from the HIIT Max series this week. Today is workout #46. 
Do you guys agree? Was this one of your favorites? 
I do like that inner thigh tap with the burpees. Lisa mentions in this video that she tries to do as much cardio as possible. Why? Don't we all know by now that strength training does far more to change your body than cardio does? 

And I'm not liking the form here at all. I know Lisa does this a lot with burpees. I'm going to have to video myself to make sure I'm not doing it either. After watching that burpee modifcations video last week, I want to make sure more than ever my form is super good. 
I know Lisa has not mirror and she's exhausted filming all of these too. 
I like the roll back spider push up exercise too. 
I wonder if she will pick all cardio workouts all week. We shall see! 
OOPS! Forgot the pic! 

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