Tuesday, January 20, 2015

HIIT MAX Workouts 46, 40 and 26, A Note From Freddy, A Workout from Kelsey and Degree's Booty Burn

So far Lisa's favorite workouts from HIIT Max have been workout #'s 46, 40 and 26. Are you guys in agreement?

I saw this note from Freddy on his FB page and thought that it was interesting that he acknowledged these posts and questions about them be unrelated to fitness & nutrition.

"We've been expanding our editorial focus lately to include conversations about body politics, how pop culture impacts our sense of self, health and nutrition and stuff that we just find interesting. BodyRock is a lifestyle and just like friends we chose to talk about the things that impact us. If we were that person that only ever talked about squats and rep counts, we wouldn't be being ourselves.
Every once and a while someone rights in "what does this post have to do with fitness"- well there might not always be a direct link, but that's ok. We still produce a ton of workouts smile emoticon Millions of people find our workouts through other types of conversations and in the end that's ultimately what's important."

I also saw the one of Kelsey's workouts was posted on Lisa's FB page. It was a chest/triceps and cardio workout. This is WAY longer than 12 minutes. At the end of her strength training workouts she does two 12 min HIIT's or 20 min of steady state cardio. Hmmmm.... interesting. 
Check it out on her blog:

There was also a post on the BR Main FB page from their sponsor Degree Antiperspirant and their Booty Burn Workout. Pretty cool actually. :) 

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