Thursday, January 22, 2015

Zuzka's 5 Minute Workout #24, Cardio & Abs, A Repeat of JRC X#4, more of Lisa's Favorites

Zuzka has provided us with a couple of new workouts the last couple of days starting with the 5 minute workout #24. I liked this one a lot - not equipment, she keeps moving and moving which you need to do for only 5 minutes! But seriously if that's all you have, then these workouts are terrific. I'll be using it as a cash out tomorrow - maybe 2 times through. 
Z also posted her Cardio & Abs workout which she said kicked her butt, though she wasn't how sure the rest of us would think it was hard or not. What did you guys think? I liked all the new exercises as they did not seem super silly. 
The pendulum ab exercises, the sumo to jump tuck, the reverse plank knee tucks and sump heel touch all look like exercises I would like to try. Mountain climbers are a little overdone these days in my opinion.
I DID try her Kettlebell pendulum exercise and not sure if I'm a fan. Seems a bit hard on the low back, but I was using 35 lbs and she was using 26. I'll try it with a lighter bell next time and see what I think. 
I also re-did Zuzka's JRC X #4, but instead of jumping rope, I did alternating KB snatches using a 30lb bell. 
This nearly killed me and I did ONE round and it took me almost 13 minutes! It took her 17 minutes to do 2 rounds! BUT I had already done deadlifts, hip thrusters, dive bombers, inverted rows and reverse hypers as my weight training and planned on only doing one round as my cash out. I did have one interruption (and a welcome one) from my kiddo, so maybe I could have done it a little faster, but that's OK. LOL. My hands were getting a bit shredded from all the snatches. I did approximately 50 of them on top of all the other exercises. I tried to use REALLY good form on everything and not just whip through it. I got high and deep on those lunges and aimed for perfect push ups on the hand release and the burpees. I went ass to grass on each squat - which slows me down. If I try and do them as fast as Zuzka I feel like I'm cheating. My legs are much longer than hers. :) 
I could have done 2 rounds if it was my only workout and not as a cash out, though I'm not sure if I could keep going with snatches as they were ripping up my hands a bit. If I use gloves I can't get a good grip and then it is senseless. The KB's at my gym are WAY better than this particular one I have at home and they do as much damage to my skin.
I'm also curious to see how much faster I could have done this with jumping rope instead of snatches.

Have you all been enjoying Lisa's favorite workouts? I was bummed at first that she did this, but actually it is a good idea to see how far you've come. I think that Lisa should have spun it better starting LAST week on Friday - saying I've got all my favorites, hardest workouts coming for you next week. Stay tuned for what I pick for you! Or something like that - right? 
She does pick an all strength one for Friday. This seems to be the theme of Friday workouts anyways. :) 


  1. At first I was I little bummed about refusing old workouts this week but then I actually did it and the whole week with the burnouts is a tough workout which is just what I need this week my birthdays comming and I really want abs by my birthday . dumb I know bit it makes me feel better about getting older. I've been doing a lot better w the sugar and water challenge

  2. I haven't really been following this week, to be honest, mainly because the workouts switch from 50/10 to 30/10 and I like to keep my timer at a constant throughout (call me spoiled ;)). But I think I will try all the best-of workouts this week tomorrow. Maybe there was a glitch in the system as far as this week's hiitmax so they recycled? Who knows, but it would have been cool if it was announced in some what. I'm not opposed to a best-of week; some of my favorite workouts are repeats (Sweet Nothing hiitcore from thedailyhiit remains an absolute, absolute favorite). So there's that.

    Might check out Z's kettlebell workout this weekend --- I was really short on time this morning and have been juicing so I didn't want to go too hard, so I did this 30 minute vinyasa from Ali Kamenova

    and will try to do another 30 minute routine this evening.

    1. Love Ali's yoga workouts! I forgot about that HIIT core and it's a good one. I would be interested in lisa doing a best of from all her workouts!

  3. I love ali's yoga! its a great flow and fun!! :-) I am pretty bored of BR and Z just now I thought Freddy had put that we were getting some yoga and other cool things so am a bit confused or disappointed? :-)

  4. There is a lot of new exercices in the Zgym this week, can't wait to try the pendulum ab or wag the tail in the new KB training and the 5 min full body looks awesome too. No equipment for this 5 min, that's cool and that's what BR followers are looking for, unfortunatly, lot of new BR follower don't know her yet...