Friday, January 23, 2015

Zuzka's Kettlebell Workout #6 for Beginners, Cardio Shred #8 Repeated, Hell Week CONTINUES on, HIIT Max Week 14 - no new workouts again!

Another good Beginner's Kettlebell workout from Zuzka. I love how basic they are and how versatile they are to make harder. I love the underpass lunge with the twist and the windmill. The ab exercises were pretty cool too, but she did a little too many of them.
Tomorrow is a repeat of her Cardio Shred #8 - which is not one of my favorites by her, so I'll skip it. I am looking forward to the be new Power yoga on Sunday.

I love, love this pic of Zuzka. Very different for her.

Hell Week continues next week with a repeat of Lisa's favorite workouts. Hmmmm..... at first I did not like that there was a repeat of workouts last week, but then I kind of liked the idea and was curious to see what Lisa picked out. But 2 weeks in a row? Not liking it that much and as a BR Plus member I think we need something new? We've paid for all the bonuses already. I guess it is advantageous to see all the workouts in advance and to have them put all together, but still - something? Anything new for paying members? Am I asking too much?

I am missing the high that I typically get from my workouts lately. I don't know. I could be dying during my workout, but when I'm done - I'm like that wasn't so bad - or it wasn't hard enough. Then I'm like- not hard enough? I was dying! Typically I get a high from my workouts and I haven't been these past few weeks. I want that back! It's my medicine, my ME time, the key to my sanity. Does anyone else go through this?


  1. Maybe you should try something completely new? Either a new strength program or a new sport entirely? I got a program from my dad, which made me fall in love with strength training again after a long HIIT obsession :)
    Here is a little taste
    High Hang Snatch 5, 5, 3, 3, 3 reps
    Snatch Deadlift 5 sets of 3 reps
    Overhead Squat 3 sets of 3 reps
    Power clean 5 sets of 5 reps
    Split jerk 5 sets of 5 reps
    As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 15 minutes:
    Dash 400 m
    Dumbbell Step Ups w/ One-arm Kettlebell Overhead 20 reps (switch arms every 10 steps)
    Ring Dips 15 reps
    Barbell Deadlift 6 reps (185 lbs)
    Double Unders
    Band Good Morning
    Snatch Balance Push
    Dash 4 sets of 200 m (20 sec rest)
    Dash 6 sets of 100 m (15 sec rest)
    Dash 8 sets of 50 m (10 sec rest)
    Run 1 mile

    Something else though could be doing a completely different sport for some time. Right now I am actually trying to replace my 3 weekly runs with pakour runs - practicing bouncing of walls, trying to improve my handstand, climbing over obstacles and running on things that takes skill and balance - I feel like a kid and love it :)

    1. I love handstands. LOVE - but I can only hold it for a mere 1/2 second! I would love to take gymnastics, but there are no adult classes around here. ARGH. But it's just weird - I did some heavy lifting the other day (deadlifts, hip thrusters, push-ups, pull-ups, etc) and followed it with a cash out of one of Zuzka's workouts along with 50 KB snatches. Where's the high?! That's not a walk in the park kind of workout. LOL

    2. Hm yeah that sure as hell sounds odd - you dont relax in the gym either! But if the workout above isnt up your alley or is not possible due to your shoulder issues how about an hour of gymnastics/pakour-ish?
      Warm up with 10 mins of sun saulations working into arm balances like crow, firefly, scorpion, headstand, handstand etc.
      Then 5-10 mins of pull up play - working on pull-ups, assisted muscle ups, side pull ups, one arm pull ups etc.
      This is followed by 10 min fun in the rings, doing muscle ups, crosses, flips and leavers
      Now we go running for about 15-25 minutes, running in the urban environment, near playgrounds are the best using the environment to work up the heartrate, do feel free to do handstand walks, flips and other cool stuff!
      Finish off the workout part with planche practise
      And cool down with yoga for flexibility :)

    3. WOW! That does sound FUN!!!

    4. Let me know if you try it and like it :) Wouldnt know what i would do without my daily rush! And just for you little non-runner - urban running is soooo much fun :) Also to do with your daughters (when they are old enough ofc) :)

  2. I was also bummed. Its not that I don't lime them or that there boring but when there's a new one I feel extra motivated to get up and move. I just don't understand isn't there only 5 new workouts a season if 2 were redues then does that mean we only get 3. Idk they ate great workouts and because its repeats from different ones I do get a dif burn from them. Maybe I was just getting spoiled. I have also not been feeling the high afterwards

    1. To get the high back maybe try to seek away from the classic HIIT or strength, not that it isnt fun or a good workout, but it is very workout-y if you get me: Set and reps or a set time it seems like it is very restricting somehow - try to learn something new: Ice skating, roller blading, pakour, dance - feel the fun and the challenge, then maybe the high come back? :)

    2. And maybe a good time to do it would be exactly now, where the workouts are repeats and you dont quite miss anything :) You dont have to do something new every day, just a couple times a week and then your usual workout on the other :)

    3. Thanks so much Karoline! I have a shoulder issue right now that prevents me from doing certain things, so I think that is definitely part of it. I think I need to take some classes and not think or plan my own workouts for a while. But it's hard to fit into my own schedule as I already teach! It could just be the winter blues too. FREEZING here!

    4. CC - I think BR should know by now that their followers support them almost no matter what. They should be upfront and honest in advance about these repetitious workouts. It's not a big deal, but it doesn't meet expectations. Besides, whenever this sh*t happens with BR or Zuzka it typically means something is going on behind the scenes!

  3. Gina maybe u need to take a break? It helped me :-) don't get me wrong it was so hard not doing intense workouts for a week but honestly I started feeling complete after my workouts again ( hope u know what I mean) I done fun yoga with my own take on gymnastic type moves lol, handstands cartwheels and even rollypollys it was so fun! I so would love to start a gymnastic class :-)

    1. Yes, you are probably right - I need a break! Rolly polly's? I gotta look that one up. :)