Sunday, January 18, 2015

Zuzka's Bench-Mark Workout, HIIT MAX Week 13 - Hell Week

Zuzka posted her Bench Mark Workout this morning:

1. Hand Release Push Ups x 5
2. Competition Burpees x 10
3. Jump Lunge x 30 alt
4. Pistols x 20 alt
5. Everest Climbers x 60 alt.
6. Air Squats x 40
4 rounds. 
What did you guys think? I didn't think it was going to be the same exercises that we did on Thursday as part of JRC X #4. I thought that was weird. 
But looks killer. I always do my mix of weight training, Kettlebell work and yoga on Sundays. I will do this one later in the week. For those of you who did - how was 4 rounds? 
I will look for Z's new weekly schedule tomorrow am. I always look forward to it. 

I mentioned this yesterday, but it looks like Week 13 of HIIT Max is all repeats? I don't think paying BR Plus members are going to be happy about that, but we'll see. Even the bonuses are repeats as far as  I can tell. 
I saw this on Lisa's FB page, so lets see if she answers......

I understand with all the work that BR does shooting their videos that they might need to so some repeating, but that's usually when we know a scheduled break is coming. There was no prior notice to this. They've repeated other challenges in the past when taking some time off. Nothing has been said or posted along these lines. I definitely do not like that! 
All they had to say is - we have put together the hardest of Lisa's previous workouts for you for next week. I think people would have been ok with that.
Lisa's FB page has been updated and it DOES say that she has picked her favorite workouts and bonuses for us. 
I wish we had gotten some advanced notice, but I am interested in seeing what lisa picked!


  1. Zuzka post her schedule earlier this week and I love it! I did the benchmark workout in 26:46 but yesterday I did a 15 km hike so I was kind of tired to do this hard workout

    1. After a 15km hike? You go girl!

    2. The day before, not the same day!

  2. That benchmark workout was the same she had done in 2013. I remember doing it and it was HARD. I don't want to do it again because I know I will not beat my time lol

    1. loll!! But give it a try! :-) Even if you don't beat your time, you will have an awesome workout!