Saturday, January 17, 2015

HIIT MAX Week 13 - Is a Repeat? More on's new app/web-site, FitNut of the Week January 18th

OK - as a BR Plus Member I got week 13 which is labeled 'Hell Week', but it looks like there are no new workouts from Lisa - but perhaps the hardest one from each week? I also for the second week in a row did not get the PDF file that you can print off. ARGH. For those of you who are also BR Plus members I'd love to hear if you are seeing the same thing as me?

Here is another glimpse of BR's new app/web-site:

I like this one much better than the other one - looks much more fitness related and there's Lisa! It was mentioned in a comment that the other BR Buzz pic looked like a singles dating app. LOL!

FITness and NUTrition for the week of January 18th

FitNut of the week - Fitness and Nutrition Advice for the Week of January 11th

Workout of the Week:I thought it might be nice to try putting one of Lisa's workout and one of Zuzka's workouts together! 
Here are the 2 I recommend:
HIIT Max workout #23 - all weighted Sandbag work 
Zuzka's Guns & Pistols #3 - great full body workout (the link is from the old ZGym)
2 rounds #23 then 2 rounds of  G&P#3 and you can end with one of Zuzka's power yoga workouts if you wish. 
Should be super intense and fun! 

Recipes of the week - check out this site for some super tasty recipes. I love finding sites like this!

Equipment of the Week:
Sandbag time! 

Supplement of the Week:
Fish OIL - great for balancing out your omega fatty acids, reducing inflammation and lubricating the joints


  1. I haven't downloaded week 13 yet I broke my computer charger and have to wait till I go shopping tomorrow. I like being a plus member. Last week I couldn't figure out how to download week 12 and I emailed there customer service and they responded within 5 minutes. The whole time it was just me I had enable something in my settings or something g my husband fixed it later anyway I emailed them back and forth like 5 times. They responded right away everytime. To me its worth it for that. But good customer service means a lot to me. Plus I love seeing g everything early!

    1. Good customer service DOES go along way!