Saturday, January 17, 2015's very own Lisa-Marie was in Consumer Health Digest

Take a look at the article! What did you guys think? I didn't know that Lisa was also a runner. She states in this article that she runs in the mornings and does 20-30 minutes of HIIT later in the day. I didn't know she was a 2x a day workout girl either. This surprised me.

It's a pretty interesting read. They have a 12 minute madness workout video that goes with the story. They picked a workout where Lisa has her triple DDD breasts and it looks ridiculous. They should have used a workout where Lisa looks much better, more fit and inspirational. This is when I liked BR the least - I just couldn't take them or their workouts seriously as their main host just looked too fake. I like it SO much better now. WAY better. And Lisa has grown on me a tremendous amount since them as well.


  1. I like the Consumer Health Digest article but find it interesting that there isn't an actual interview, or that there aren't a lot of sources as far as what Lisa likes to do with her personal workouts. Not to say it's not a legitimate source, but I just found it interesting.

    1. Good pint Liz - it isn't an actual interview. I couldn't get Lisa to do one for me either!