Thursday, January 29, 2015

Zuzka's Kettlebell Workout #7 for Beginners, and what's coming on Bodyrock next?

Once again I do love Zuzka's Kettlebell workout for beginners. So basic and simple enough to make harder. The side plank row was my favorite exercise. I can't wait to do that one tomorrow. Looks hard. I love windmills too - but I find them hard to explain to people how to do them correctly. Even when you tell people to lean back into the windmill with your hip and not forward into a lunge with your front knee, 98% of the time people do them wrong. Unless I go over to them and pull their hip back when they perform the exercise do they get it.
The bridging is easy enough to add weight, and the bird dog can be done on all 4's or from plank. Love how you can modify to your needs. :)

Tomorrow is the last day of Hell Week 14 with BR. We are supposed to be getting new stuff the following week, but not sure if it is Lisa or not? Or that guy Chris Tye Walker? Who knows?! Either way I am excited for new material to be coming back our way.

Freddy posted that they just met with Sweat Equity mag. I've never heard of it, but I am assuming they did an interview? Maybe a sample workout? I'd be interested in seeing it. He also posted a pic of himself with blond hair?

Zuzka also did a post about eating Free Meals vs Earned Meals from your workouts.

I found this interesting:

I have been doing this diet for the past month (and your workouts) and have really noticed a difference in my body- I am definitely more lean! The only part that stinks is that I have to eat my yummy carb (like sweet potatoes or oats) only for my breakfast. I work out at 5:30 am, so my window is always until 7:30 am. Z- would you agree that this basically means that the only time I can have my yummy carb is before 7:30? If I want other carbs through out the day, I usually make it an apple.

  • ZUZKA ADMIN  |  

    Yes that sounds about right. It also depends on your body type and your goals. I will post about that tomorrow :)

REALLY? So this poor person can only eat starchy carbs before 7:30am? This sounds CRAZY to me. On your days off can you not eat starchy carbs at all? I am curious to see what Zuzka has to say about this tomorrow! 


  1. I am delighted as I am a br plus member I got the yoga through can't tell u how frigin excited I am lol!!!

  2. What kind of yoga it is? Power yoga or stretch yoga?

    1. Looks like Power yoga, but short routines. You could probably do all of them as one whole yoga class though.