Friday, January 30, 2015

UPDATED: Next is power yoga week for BR, Their new Ab eBook, Lisa is blogging and my post is now live: how many calories should you be eating?

I got my BR Plus update tonight and it looks like next week is a power yoga week with a new host. The routines are short but if you are used to doing an hour plus of yoga at once you could do the whole weeks worth of short videos at once.
The host is very likable and puts together good little routines. She's very different from typical BR hosts and I like the change.

I also saw an ad on BRs and Lisa's FB page for their latest eBook - an ab book:

Learn how to beat hormones and genetics, the ab anatomy and some awesome ab hiit routines.  Also included recipes for abs.
Genetics are powerful, but so are you! Learn how to change what you can, but accept that you rock! Belly Fat is complicated.  Take some time to get to know how your hormones can affect it before you kiss it goodbye! Some of the most recited information about abs is outdated.  Learn more about this unique group of muscles and how training correctly can make all the difference!
Sounds interesting enough. Are any of you going to get it? 
I also saw that Lisa is doing some blogging. She posted it on her FB page with that silly pic of her smearing lipstick on her face. She uses that pic often and I don't get it at all. 

However her blog posts are quite heart felt. She rambles a bit (ok maybe a lot), but I still like the way she comes across in her posts.
My BR blog post is live- I thought it was going live a couple of days ago, but I was wrong. Here it is now and more to come throughout the month!

The source of the post is mainly is from Precision Nutrition - which is the company Zuzka is certified through as well.
 Lastly, I noticed that there was a new model for the HIIT bar ads.I updated with pics this morning!

And don't forget I have my very own eBook that sells for only 99 cents! 

Sorry I'm not posting pics tonight. I'm in bed doing this - ready for sleep! :) I updated with pics! 


  1. Were did u see the blog Lisa wrote?

  2. Gina that is a fab blog you have put together as u know I find this kind of stuff very interesting! and I am so sure others too x Thank you :-)

  3. Your posts for bodyrock are great, I enjoy reading them very much. On the other side, that picture of Lisa (with the lipstick) is plain stupid, I don´t get how this could be pretty/sexy/anything :)

    1. Thanks very much Lena! Yeah, Lisa uses some pretty silly photos of herself. They have dozens of her that are far more motivating and inspirational - they should stick to those!

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  5. That post is old as there is comments back from 2013. When I saw that some of the comments on the post made more sense. They kept talking about her huge implants, but her current ones to me see like a nice fit and not huge. I think those comments were due to the post being old and her having had the larger ones at that time.