Saturday, January 31, 2015's BootCamp is coming! Nutrition Advice From Zuzka, Kettlebell Couplet Routine

Freddy posted that their Bootcamp Series with Chris is coming this week! I already got the yoga series as a Plus Member, so I wonder if they are doing both this week? Or if the yoga is only for BR Plus? I'm pretty curious to see the bootcamp workouts. I wonder if Lisa is enjoying a break. :)

Zuzka has also been posting a lot of nutritional advice. It's funny - much of it is the SAME thing I wrote for BR's blog - about body types, the amount of calories you should eat as well as how much of each macro-nutrient. Zuzka said she is a self-made mesomorph - that she used to be an ectomorph. No one with her amount of muscle is an ectomorph. Ectomorph's also have long limbs, are taller, with small hips. None of those things describe Zuzka IMO - at all. She is shorter with shorter limbs (she has even complained about her short arms for yoga poses) and she has curvy hips. Mesomorph's put on muscle easily which she does - ectomorph's have to lift a lot more weight than she suggests to put on muscle mass. She is a mesomorph through and through,
It's funny - Zuzka mentioned in her coffee talk that people make comments about how big her muscles are and she says they are not really - they just look bigger on camera and that she's quite little. Zuzka is in fantastic shape - but there's nothing little about her. LOL. Her biceps and shoulders muscles are big for a female - NOT in a bad way. She has VERY muscular thighs and butt (again not in a bad way - in a gorgeous way), She even augmented her breasts to be bigger. Her body image of herself I think is FAR different than the way it actually is or the way most of us see her.
Some of Zuzka's info is conflicting for me though - Ectomorph's need the most carbs (I an ecto through and through), but according to her carb tolerance test, I'm not one who should be eating carbs. I find that very confusing. All I can think of is that I score high on her carb test because I'm an ectomorph? I gotta look into that and find out!

Saturdays are my day off from working out. I'm back to my heavy lifting routine from last week  tomorrow - the 600 rep challenge - trying to go a little heavier on the exercises.
12 reps of each, 5 rounds.

1. Deadlifts (last week 115 lbs, this week 120)
2. Push-ups (chest to floor - SO hard)
3. Hip Thrusters (last week 135, this week 140 lbs)
4. Inverted Rows (12 reps with a pause at the top of each rep)
5. Goblet Squat into an overhead press (35 lbs last week, 40 lbs this week)
So I set my goals for tomorrow, We will see if I can meet them or not! 

Kelsey posted her weekend 1000 rep challenge as well in case you guys didn't see it:
It took her about 20 minutes (probably 30+ with warm up and cool down). My 600 rep workout takes about 40 or 45 minutes including warm up. I typically do 20 minutes of yoga at the end. I'm not sure if I will do Zuzka's, or BR's new yoga or my favorite 20 minute routine from Celeste Pereira - Tough Flow which I ADORE. 
I do 2 HIIT workouts a week, one of them is the Kettlebell class that I teach and do another on a different day. Not sure if I will do Kelsey's, the new bootcamp or one of Zuzka's. I'll have to see what the week brings. The rest of the week is lifting and yoga for me - my 2 favorites. :) 
Or it might be shoveling. We are getting another 8-12 on Monday on top of the 31 inches we got so far. Seriously? I need a vacation! 

I believe my Kettlebell class this week is going to be couplets! 
45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest:

Couplet #1:
Forearm plank jacks

Couplet #2:
Burpees (with a push up)
Triple threat (bicep curl, shoulder press, overhead tricep press)

Couplet #3:
Swing Catch Squat
Plank row right side, then left 

Couplet #4:
Power clean into overhead press
Russian Twists

If there is time in the class I will end with a booty routine. :) 


  1. O though Zuzka sounded adorable when she was saying g her arms aren't really that big. I'm always confused about the ectomorph or mesomorph. I don't have little limbs. I also am not curvy and am def not the other type.

    1. I just took the test and I have a poor carb tolerance. But as I've said before most people would consider me average size I'm 5" 6 and 125. So I'm not sure if I'm an ecto or mes. Are all mesamorphs curvey?

    2. Mesomorphs put on muscle easily and are bigger boned than ectomorphs. Endomorphs have the hardest time losing weight and are curvy.
      As far as I'm concerned, Zuzka's test would have almost everyone as being carb intolerant! I will look into that this week.

  2. Zuzka just likes to complain about her height because she compares herself with her 6″7 boyfriend and other tall men. She herself is around 5″8 - 5"10 (dunno if she mentioned it in a video or if it was on the old BR website but I know she mentioned it somewhere) which isn't short at all for a woman.
    Taking that into consideration she might be right about her bodytype

    1. Thanks for your reply! I'm pretty sure Z is 5'5" tall ......