Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Melissa Ioja has a new workout, More from Bret - my favorite! And Lisa working out in her underwear

I have some interesting stuff for you guys to read today!

Melissa Ioja has a crazy workout with Athlean-XX on YouTube:

I would like to try some of those moves. :)

But these I would like to try even more -  from Bret Contreras' Intern - how to build explosive power

This is a GREAT read by Bret as well:

And - Lisa working out in her underwear.
Remember those videos? I never liked watching her workout in her undies. TMI!
And is it just me, or can you believe how incredibly different her face now looks?


  1. I think I will try Melissa's workout tomorrow morning. Today I did today's installment of BR Hell Week, with interval running on the treadmill - at the beginning, in between, and at the end of the total circuits. It was pretty tough but I needed an extra push today.

    Thanks for posting stuff on Bret Contreras; I've been thinking of purchasing his monthly series on glute work. Love that he has progressive work, as well. I find that to be much more valuable in a subscription.

    I watched the "old school" BR video you posted with Lisa in her undies, lol.... those were the days that I signed up at first. They've definitely changed, for the better, I think. Really changed how I view fitness, too. I used to think that in 12 minutes I could get Lisa's figure, but at least they've ramped up the diet and Real Time aspects to show a more realistic take. Now I love the "4 exercises, 3 times through" as a cash out, or stitching a few of them together for a more full workout.

    1. Yes, BR has come a long way! I love their workouts for cash outs or to string some together as well. I belong to Bret's GG's as I do love it. I ask him questions all the time on his forum. He ALWAYS answers so it's great. I highly recommend it. Sounds like you put yourself through a brutal workout today!

  2. Gina what is your opinion on fitnessblender? I am really enjoying the variety of Rumi's workouts and truthfully I seem to get good results with Rumi's workouts I think it's because of the style I wish I could understand the human body better lol :)

    1. Hey Rachael - I'm not that familiar with Fitness Blender, but people always give it rave reviews. They have PLANS on their web-site that you can follow, which I think is huge and important, rather than just randomness. Rumi has plans that you follow along with too, and I think she is great. Understanding the human body is helpful! Do you follow Bret on FB? He is always giving tips on how the body works and I love to read that kind of stuff.