Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Some interesting and FREE Workouts: Minimalist Style Workouts and Killer Kettlebell Workouts

I've been a fan of Nia Shanks for a while now, and you've probably read about her before on this blog.
She has a minimalist style of working out that is pretty cool. Great for those who are short on time and want to get the job done using heavy weights or body weight.
She is a firm believer than strength training does a body good - more so than HIIT, and she doesn't believe in spending hours at the gym. Most of her workouts can be done with a few dumbbells at home - or of course the gym.
Check it out if you are interested: http://www.niashanks.com/triple-exercise-workout/

Her stuff is always so basic, to the point, and makes sense. No fluff - I love that.

I also found a FREE download of 101 Kettlebell workouts - to blast fat and build strength. These are all SUPER intense and less than 30 minutes long. I did this one today as a cash out to my weight training:

The 12-Minute Kettlebell Complex from Hell
Complete 30 seconds of each exercise/ EACH side:
One-Arm Swing
High Pull
Single Leg Deadlift
Reverse Lunge
Military Press
Overhead or Racked Squat (I did racked to protect my shoulder)
Two-Hand Swing
Swing Burpees (Add a push up in between each swing)

(My weight training was lunges, squats, walking push-ups, rows, bicep curls and tri kick backs)

You can find the workouts all HERE.

Nothing new from Zuzka or Lisa today, so these might be some good ones to check out. They are not affiliate links, but thought I would share anyways. :)

I did my training, my cash out and then a little yoga - about 70 minutes total. My hubby did most of the shoveling so far and we are only half way out! We live in Massachusetts and we've got 26 inches of snow so far. I could  have gotten more exercise with the shoveling, but it is also 18 degrees out with over 50 mile winds. NO thanks. LOL.

This is a pic from my living room window. The only reason you know my car is there is from the little side mirror poking out of the snow. And it's still snowing!


  1. I live on az its 76° right now lol

    1. So jealous! Our snow count is now at 31"!

  2. omg hope u are all ok, I am in Scotland and here's me thinking we know about snow....no we cannot handle it lol :-)

  3. This is one great list of Pat Flynn's KB workouts! I was familiar with him but completely unaware of this collection. Those are exactly right up my alley. Thank you very much :)

    Looking for these workouts on youtube I came across a KB workout from Fitnessblender. I have heard of Fitnessblender before but somehow their workouts don't appeal to me. Anyways, I found this KB workout to be quite disturbing. I'm not a KB instructor but I think his form is way off, especially on the snatches.
    They've got a lot of raving comments, so Gina what do you think of it? Check this link out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcIFAgnOL9E

    1. I just watched the workout and I agree his form is off. First, he doesn't use enough hip action - IMO. Also, he uses such an awkward KB no wonder his form is off. He needs a different one. I was taught the high pulls should have your elbow higher than your wrist, not the other way around. He does snatches like a dumbbell clean snatch. He also starts the swings from mid air to gain momentum, but you should start on the floor.