Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lots of Info For You Today! Day 54 of HIIT Max, 12 Hard Core Kettlebell Exercises, New bodyrock.tv Hosts? How to do Effective Push-ups, New Guides? New Diet challenge, Rumi has a new workout series!

Today is Day 54 of HIIT Max week 11 with Lisa. What are you guys thinking of it so far? A little less jumping around, lots of plank and push-ups, lots of equipment. I did not like the burpee shuffle exercise today. Seems silly - to me. But I LOVE the elevated lunge (Bulgarian split squats) and the reverse pull ups. It was pretty core based today. Really like the Plank – Forward & Behind Taps too.

This move scares me a little - LOL. I've done these as handstand push-ups or with my feet on a bench or step, but on top of the Equalizer looks super wobbly. I'm not sure why Lisa turns her fingers in?

I have watched the bonus workouts - one is abs, one is legs, and one is butt and abs. All reallllllly good actually. The abs and butt one is my favorite. Lisa uses a towel to do some slides with her arms and legs, but she is on a wooden floor. If you only have carpet use a paper plate. You'll get the same affect. :)
Loving Lisa's pants - and I like how she always wears funky ones for these workouts. Makes it fun.

I saw this video of sample HARD CORE Kettebell exercises and I cannot wait to give these a go. I need to set some time aside where I can play around and give these a shot, Imagine what your body would look like if you were really proficient at these exercises?!

I'm not sure if there are new hosts and a new guide, but I saw this on Freddy's FB page and their main FB page:

If you click the link to this ad, there is a whole series of pics of this woman doing upper body exercises. I am not sure if she is a new host or someone like Brooke or their male 'host' Karim, where they just take pics of them working out. Love her outfit and the workout is pretty good too.
Does anyone else want to fix her form on push-ups a bit here? Or is it just me?
Here is a fantastic article on push-ups. A VERY worthwhile read! Especially if you struggle with them. http://www.t-nation.com/training/best-damn-push-ups-article-period
Due to the amount of push-ups Lisa has us doing you might find this article helpful too.

And here is yet another pic of different new girl:

Freddy says it is a photoshoot for Google. I do not know if this is a new host either or not. And I am not sure what the photoshoot is about! Keeping us in suspense I suppose.

I also saw this on Freddy's FB page:

It looks like a new guide is coming out? I didn't see if for sale anywhere yet. Is this a pic of Edith? Seriously, between her, Lisa and Brooke - they are some of the best bodies out there! Very motivating picture. Though I do not think Brooke or Edith have had plastic surgery. 

Diet challenges! OK, so how are you guys doing with the no sugar challenge? I would say I was 80% compliant. It is my goal to my 90% compliant this week. It is my other daughter's bday today (she is 4!) so I will be having cake. Other than that, it is a work in progress for me to keep my sugar intake in check. Though I am trying my best to enjoy the process of getting healthier rather than be cranky about it. :)
My next challenge is to drink more water. I know this one is over done and might be boring, but your water intake does make a huge difference - in your hair, skin, nails, digestion, elimination, hunger, and recovery from workouts.
Even if you think you drink enough water I challenge you to keep track of it and see just how much you really ARE drinking. Or maybe you instead need to eliminate one cup of coffee or diet soda per day.
I am surprised at how much I struggle with this. Research shows that most of us are dehydrated first thing in the morning and should drink 2 cups of water upon waking. I typically workout with 1-2 hours of waking and this just makes me have to pee my brains out while working out and it is utterly annoying. If I drink a lot at night then I am up a half a dozen times in the middle of the night to pee. In the middle of the day is where I need to concentrate on getting the most water.
This is when I am usually busiest with the kids, so I forget! Hence why it is my second diet challenge of the year. I'm adding onto to each diet challenge every 10 days. I will have another one late next week. :)

Have you guys seen what Rumi is offering these days? It is a mix of HIIT, weights, and yoga depending on the day. Looks like a great program. She really does have a great site to follow as well.

Today is my 4 year old's birthday. My baby girl! I adore her. Loved eating cake with her, And I let her have chocolate and a lollipop. Gotta let a kiddo indulge on her birthday. She ate watermelon and hummus today too, so I'm not too concerned. She is a happy, healthy, lovable girl. :)


  1. Well happy birthday to her!! She's beautiful! I'm not doing well at all with the sugar challenge I was and then we went on a family road trip and I've been eating really bad since then

    1. Thank you! She is such a little cutie. :)
      Visits with my family always throw me off too!

  2. Happy birthday princess cherish every moment :-) I am doing good with no sugar and my mantra is helping loads "just for today" I total know what u mean about water lol! Rumi is fantastic and I love her take on things :-) lovin ur blog as always x

  3. omg I want to do all those kettlebell moves!!!

    1. I know! They look so Intense and fun

  4. Happy birthday to your girl and Happy new year :) Wish you to be happy :) Happiness means you have all you need :)

    1. Thanks Rumi! Happy new year to you too!

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter! It looks like she had a great one! :)

    I think it's cool that Bodyrock was asked to do a photoshoot with Google... I wonder what it will amount to. I remember when I followed their stuff more on social media (before I was blocked, lol) they posted a photo of Google's offices... this was about a year ago or so, maybe more. Really neat to see what's developed within that time. It's all a process, I guess.

    The picture with Lisa on the equalizer - that move hurt my wrists today. I tried to focus more on my core and not put that much weight on them, which helped, but overall... I get that it's to focus on shoulders but it was a bit too much, even for 30 seconds.

    1. Thx! She did have fun. :)
      I think if you do not turn your fingers in, but keep them straight your wrists won't hurt.
      I am curious to see where the Google shoot goes!