Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Zuzka's 5 Minute Workout #23 - Killer Cardio, HIIT Max Day 55, Is a Calorie Just a Calorie? Mark Blanchard Yoga

What did you guys think of the latest five minute workout by Zuzka? I always like these. I do think they are a terrific idea if you have no time or as cash out ideas. 
This one was all body weight and I like that for the 5 minute ones. Too much equipment in 5 minutes kind of takes away from the whole idea in my opinion. But regardless, I always seem to like them.

Zuzka also has a live chat happening this Friday via Twitter:

"Hi guys!! This Friday at 10am (Pacific time) I have for you a LIVE Twitter chat to help you achieve your New Year's Resolutions for fitness! To participate Tweet me @ZuzkaLight and include ‪#‎AskZuzka‬. You can start sending me questions now and I will see you then"

Zuzka does these chats every once in a while. I assume it is to increase her number of Twitter followers. Will any of you submit a question to her? :) 

Tomorrow she has a new workout BodyCrush #11 coming our way. I wonder if this will be as intense as Monday and Tuesdays workouts.

I'm not sure if any of you have heard of Mark's Daily Apple - he is pretty popular these days and often has fantastic nutrition and fitness articles.
I like this one here that talks about various calorie myths including the debate on whether or not a calorie just a calorie.

I LOVE day 55 of HIIT Max. Love! There are 4 pulling exercises. WOW! Lol. I love the Bent Over Fly and Front Raise exercise and the lunge into push ups that Lisa does - it looks super hard and I can't wait to try it. :)  Much more upper body and core than legs, but it's easy to add in more legs if you wanted to. 
This has been one of my favorite workouts through the whole series. There was a sandbag day last round of HIIT Max - I'll have to go back and look - that I also absolutely loved. I do like a lot of the routines, but some I just LOVE. 
I would have organized the exercises in a different order because Lisa does a lot of push ups and planks in a row. Separate them out with other exercises in between helps you get your strength back to be able to do more. She seriously has the most tireless shoulders ever
It's a lot of body weight, some HIIT bar and weights, and for whatever reason she throws in the adjustable dumbbells here instead of using the colored weights that she usually does. Weird I thought.

Do you think if Lisa had just a flat stomach, but not a six pack she would have been chosen to be a host in the first place? She is thin, super fit and incredibly toned, but not that muscular except for her abs. I am not trying to stir up controversy or pick on her, but sometimes I wonder. Her abs are exceptional and certainly help make her who she is as a fitness personality. 

And yes - BR is coming out with a new guide. I posted about it yesterday and now there is an ad on Lisa's page that says coming soon. Do you think there is make-up on her abs to make them look this good and so defined?! 

Yoga lovers! Have you heard of Mark Blanchard? I forgot all about him - I used to love his stuff. His yoga classes are incredibly hard. I cannot do half the stuff on his videos, but I so love trying. 
Here is a sample:


  1. I love those Twitter chat by Zuzka. I think she should do that also on FB. I already post my question. I want to know if she could do a yoga workout for stretching and relaxation. I would love one of those

    1. Did you get a response?

    2. Not yet, maybe this afternoon at her twitter chat. I'll let you know!

  2. I'm always amazed at how both Lisa and Zuzka are always in sports bra and leggings shape. I've worked out almost everyday for the last 2 years and I go through stages were I have visable muscle and then I overeat and loose it. Both of them have been looking amazing everyday for the last 2 years at least. Its something I wanna work towards.

    1. 3 reasons if I can guess: 1. genetics, 2. consistent diet day in and day out 3. exercise

  3. She did a real time 8x8 in the RTC - not the same exercises, but real time, strength and with a cardio cashout - took about 40 min, I'll link it here :)

    1. Thanks Karoline! good memory!

    2. But I think this new 8x8 is more challenging - she also did one as day 17 of bootcamp, but not real time :)