Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 53 of HIIT Max Week 11, Zuzka's Schedule For The Week, 8 Unconventional Workouts

Day 53 is here with Lisa. One thing I noticed is that the weighted vest was used in the fit test but is not used at all throughout this week. I suppose you could use it if you want to make things harder on yourself. But then again and I know I sound like a broken record, but I don't like the added extra stress on the shoulder joints all the time.
This is another 30/10 with 18 exercises and one round of jumping rope. A pretty good routine with full body - even a pull exercise is included in there. :) 
I like the various lunges that Lisa does, I love 1 legged deadlifts, and supergirls. ALL of Lisa's workouts seem to include a variation of a burpee or jump tuck. I find them so tiring after a while I can't focus on strength work. 
Remember - the stronger you are the better you look. Not that these exercises can't get you stronger - they can. But after a while it is so taxing on the body your strength can suffer and plummet. Many of these exercises are better at building your endurance. They kick your butt! However, the better your endurance, the better you look? Or the stronger you are, the better you look? Think about it. 

I know HIIT focuses on fat loss and that is what the majority of people out there are in fact looking for and BR (as well as Zuzka) does an awesome job at it. Hell, if I could only do HIIT workouts I would. But I think (MY opinion) weight training is better for aesthetics, performance, health and saving your joints. I do love my cash outs, and BR as well as Zuzka helps me out a lot here. 
If you focus on strength rather than fat loss, then fat loss happens more naturally. :) 

If any of you are interested in doing some weight training, Nia Shanks is offering a FREE 6 week program! CHECK it out! I am a big fan of Nia. She knows her stuff.

Zuzka has a interesting week for us. Today's workout is a Kettelbell workout and it's fantastic. I absolutely love it. It's intense, has pulling exercises in it, leg work, ab work, and arm work. 
Tomorrow is a repeat of Cardio shred #6, and I'm surprised she put these two workouts back to back as tomorrow is another Kettlebell workout. Then there's only a five minute workout on Wednesday, and there's a new workout on Thursday so we will have to wait and see how intense it is. Friday there's a beginner workout and Saturday in her own words this workout is not as intense as she thought it would be. And then on Sunday it is a yoga workout. So she takes the intensity down at the end of the week but it's rather high at the beginning of the week. I wish she spread of these out a little bit better. No Guns & Pistols this week, but today's workout had pistols in it.

Zuzka also has a couple of interesting posts on her blog. One is about processed foods which we all know how bad they are for us. It's honestly such a shame how much processed food there is out there. It is so readily available, is everywhere, it is so cheap, and a lot of it tastes pretty damn good. UGH! 

She has another post about menopause and exercise. I found it a little odd because she's not menopausal, but to her credit I think this is a smart move. There is an older generation out there that also likes to exercise and is usually pretty much ignored. I think this will bring more viewers to her site. In a culture that is obsessed with youth, trying to hang onto youth, multiple surgeries and the like to look younger, etc, etc, it is good to see someone paying attention to a different crowd. 

I also saw on Lisa's Facebook page when she asked people what they want to see in the next HIIT Max, there were a few people who said they wanted to see regular people working out and not just the svelte bodies they felt were unattainable. How do you guys feel about that? I'm unsure. I need to see a fit body that motivates me. I don't find certain body types to be is motivating as others. BUT with that being said it would be nice to see a variety of people - like Kelsey. She is a FIT mom and she was super motivating. I would like to see more people like her who are not oiled up, not super tan, without fake boobs and hair extensions. I would like it to be more real, but still inspiring.

To BR's credit, I saw this, and I'm surprised I did not notice it before.
 It was a pic for their abs and butt challenge with Edith. They did NOT photoshop her butt. Thank you BR. I like to see these images far more than the unrealistic ones. Not to mention her butt still looks completely fantastic!

OK, on another note - I saw this and had to share. I was drooling (LOL) watching these workouts. I want to do them ALL.

Kettlebells, Barbells, Ropes, Sandbags, Bodyweight and more! They look FUN. I did the Battle Ropes one (only 2 rounds as a cash out) and loved it. I have a Battle rope and use it in my basement. I bought it when they were over $100. Now you can get them for under $50 with FREE shipping, If you haven't tried one of these workouts, I HIGHLY recommend it. They got voted best workout of the year by Men's Fitness a couple of years back.  


  1. Gina do you ever do online personal training? I always read your posts and LOVE your point of view. I've been shopping around for a trainer to create a custom program for me and all of a sudden I just thought it would be so great if it could be you!

    1. As a matter of fact I do! Feel free to email me and we can go over details. :)

  2. Do you think there's anything behind the way zuzka comes up with the workout schedule? I don't get it. I guess since they're mostly all full body it doesn't really matter. What do you think?

    1. Suri - I have wondered the same thing. There is no ZWOW or Guns & Pistols this week nor a JRC. But there is Cardio Shred, 2 KB, Lifted Butt, a 5 minute, and like always Power yoga on Sunday. She must just interchange these each week. I think she usually does a good job of spreading them out, but this week the 2 KB back to back I thought should have been placed on non-consecutive days.

  3. Gina, I like what you have to say about strength training as opposed to strictly cardio. Sometimes, I like to do or add cardio exercise because I've been conditioned to think that is the only way to lose body fat, but I am learning that through lifting heavily, I might be able to achieve the same result. I remembered this during my morning workout and lifted 30 pounds instead of my regular 24... not much but heavier than I normally lift. I may have to purchase some adjustable weights but I think this will be a worthy experiment this year.

    1. I think it will be a worth while experiment for you too! I need some new weights myself, and it is such a good feeling to be too strong for the weights you already have. :) This is a good time of year to purchase weights - lots on sale.