Sunday, January 4, 2015's HIIT MAX Week 11 is here! What's going on with Freddy and Sean

HIIT MAX Week 11 is officially here and I'm sure it was worth the wait.

Since I am a BR Plus member I get a preview of the whole week and it is looking pretty good. I am especially looking forward to Friday - but no spoiler alerts here. :)

Lisa  has a few new moves again which sometimes I just don't like because they are too crazy or silly to be effective. But not in this case. I liked a lot of what she had to offer us. :) Much of it is what you'd expect from Lisa - and I do not mean that in a bad way. I think it is good to repeat exercises OFTEN to get better at them.

It is a 30/10 week - Lisa says she is easing us back into the HIIT workouts and they will be longer next week. Still 12 minute workouts (except Friday) with 18 different exercises including one round of jumping rope. There is no cardio or strength in between this week, but you are still supposed to add one day onto the next. Again most of you know I am not a fan of that - overkill on the joints with all the repetitions of the same exercises, but maybe your body can handle it just fine. I would much rather just repeat the same day 2-4 times depending on how I feel.

There is still a lot of jumping - which I know can be addicting and makes you sweat like crazy. I actually LIKE jumping but too much of it detracts from my strength and that part I do NOT like. I feel many of these HIIT workouts are great at making me sweat, burn calories and get me out of breath. Other than my shoulders though, I feel like some muscle work and burn is missing. Nothing like the burn of working your hamstrings with REAL deadlifts. I don't mean deadlift shoulder press row into burpee (LOL). I mean a solid regular old heavy-weighted deadlift for reps. Combine these with some hamstring ball curls and see what I mean. This is why I often like burn out or cash out at the end of my weight training instead of it being 'the' workout. But that's me.

I know there are a lot of cardio junkies out there, so go ahead and add your rounds of skipping or what have you in between the exercises. I find moderate to heavy weight training just as additive as HIIT. when I first started with weights I missed the high I got from HIIT. Now when I do HIIT I miss the high I get from weights! I just can't win. Ha, ha.

Today I did a weight training workout (35 min) with a cash out (10 min) and then some yoga (20 min. It took me a little over an hour and it was PERFECT! This would be ideal for me every day.
What do you guys like the best? I would love to hear it. :)

I really wish Zuzka would post her weekly schedule earlier so I could see it before I go to bed, but I will have a look in the morning. She has a pretty good yoga routine up there right now especially if you have tight hamstrings. She does a lot of assisted splits, and this might be great for you with tight hammies.

On Day 52 Lisa does 2 moves with overhead pressing in a row (a lunge and press, then a squat and press). I would rather see these exercises separated farther apart so you could keep up heavier weights, but your arms get too fatigued when there is so much pressing right on top of each other. I remember Lisa once saying she wanted to develop her shoulder more. She needs to give them more of a break IMO to allow the muscles to recover and grow. Doing eighty gazillion reps is not the way to do.
I loved the push-up leg over reach move. There was no pulling/back exercises to balance out all the pushing exercises. Sigh.... (and Zuzka never answered my question about the push/pull balance either. Another sigh.....).

Freddy has been pretty active on his FB page lately. He wrote another motivational post and gives us a sneak peek into their new yoga series being filmed. I am super excited for this. I hope it is an active yoga series and not a gentle one.
And don't forget - I've got a, audio yoga class for you here:
He also put a picture up of himself getting his hair dyed? Which I don't get at all, but it made me chuckle.

Sean too put up an interesting little post on his page:
2014 taught me a lot - I could give you a laundry list. Being behind the camera is vastly different and takes a lot of patience for things to develop. Just to let you know - I haven't just vanished. I've been working on a few projects that have taken up my entire time and energy (all related to BR). Looking forward to hosting some workouts again in 2015  xo Sean
I would like to see him lead some more workouts this year. I like Lisa, but I also like variety. I wonder how Sean is doing with his personal online training that he is offering. If anyone signs up, do tell us about it! 

Lisa asked us once again what we would like to see in future workouts. I saw a lot of - less jumping, beginner workouts (which they just offered a whole series, so I don't get those requests other than maybe they want Lisa to host it), and strength. I would LOVE to see a weight lifting series. :) 

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