Friday, December 5, 2014

Zuzka's Advanced Kettlebell Routine, More ZGym for $1, Increase Your Strength By Adding Yoga to Your Routine, Brutal Butt Workout by Rumi

Zuzka has her Advanced Kettlebell Routine posted for us now. I liked the workout - push, pull, legs, abs, cardio in one.
Z also does dead cleans in the first round and hang cleans in the second round. Cleans are a harder exercise to learn simply by watching a video. I was lucky enough to learn from a KB expert in person.

She encourages a heavier KB if you are not feeling the workout and I like that. I think we have a tendency to go too light as women in fear of bulking up - or just not able to get out of our comfort zone. It is sooooo important if you want to see changes in your body!
I've said this before about bulking up for women - it's a myth 95% of the time.
First, men make 10-15x more testosterone than we do, and lift at least 2-3X the amount of weight we do, and only SOME men get bulky. Why would we as women think that we would get bulky lifting 15 lbs in stead of 5's? I don't get it.

Z's Lifted Butt Series comes tomorrow. I believe this is a re-filmed one too. This was another one of her more popular series. Once she is done re-filming, I am curious as to what other series she will come up with.

Her $1 for access to the ZGym just got extended until the 8th, so take advantage now if you have been thinking about it. She also offers Paypal as a payment option which I think is great - so much more convenient.

Freddy posted a cute pic of him and Lisa on his FB page.  Looks like they are Christmas shopping together. I wonder if they get stopped by people on a constant basis asking them about their site?
I mentioned BR.TV in one of my Kettlebell classes that I teach and only ONE person knew who they were. I was dumbfounded. With 4 million views a week I woulda guessed differently, but now everybody in my class knows who they are - LOL.

I know a lot of you practice yoga, and if you don't, here are some good reasons to start!
Yoga just makes you feel SO good. I remember the way I felt after my first class - it was amazing, and I was hooked. You don't need to be flexible or to be good at it, you just need to do it as let your body reap the benefits. Don't think about it so much. I hear it all the time - I can't do yoga, I'm not flexible. Ummmm, that's why you NEED yoga!

Rumi has a Brutal Butt workout posted on her web-site. It is a full body routine, but concentrates on the glutes, Check it out.
The Bulgarian Split Squats are a particularly difficult exercise for me. They always make me sore.

Rumi also tortures your inner thighs in this workout. :)  This is a longer routine as well, over 40 minutes!


  1. I did a 30 minute yoga routine last night (via Yoga by Candace on YouTube) after not having done yoga in about two months, and it felt sooooooo good. I hope to start doing it again, 2-3 times a week. I built a lot of upper arm strength when I did a 30 day challenge earlier this year, must've been all the chaturangas. Thanks for the link.

    I will probably do Rumi's workout on Sunday (I did lower body today; abs and upper body tomorrow!).
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I built a lot of upper body strength from yoga too. I swear it's why I can do pull ups! Rumi's butt routine will be a good one as it has no jumping so it won't bother your foot. Enjoy your weekend too!

    2. Lindsey cheers for letting me know about Candace I just done the office routine on my break lol will be trying more from her! Gina the amount of new things I have learned from ur blog! rumi, bret etc woohoo

    3. I LOVE that you're learning! :)

  2. Thank you for pointing my butt workout :) Bulgarian split squats are difficut for me to. I struggle to maintain good form, the torso must be in upright position and with my level of flexbility and moblity it is hard to do. But it gets better with time. Yoga definetely helps.I announced that form January 5th I will contunue to post workout programs but this time one of the weekly workouts will be with bigger weights (20 kg or 44 pounds) and questions start "We will bulk with such weights..." Yes, women can bulk, but from one workout per week with bigger weight most probably they will become stronger not bulky. Women who don't work out regular don't like muscles and this is the reallity we as trainers need to understand and to educate step by step :)

    1. You're welcome! I look forward to your heavier weighted workouts. :)

  3. Rumi this is fab!!! all ladies need to be encouraged to lift heavy for change Gina helped me with this and its so cool Rumi you will be offering this kind of workout thanks :-) I am counting down lol x

  4. I started rumis 90 day challenge. Only finished to day five but im so happy. She is such a good trainer. Ive decided to do four day challenge and one of her butt workouts a week. I will do this today! Gina thanks for the push to yoga. Im super scared because i feel so tight, but im going to give it a try!

    1. You'll be glad you did Pharaoh - you will feel so much better! :)