Saturday, December 6, 2014

FitNut of the Week: I re-did HIIT Max Workout #32 as a Strength Workout, Zuzka's Lifted Butt Series Tabata Workout, More From Bret

FitNUt you ask? Yes, Fitness and Nutrition for the week! 

For the Week Of December 7th

I have a video this week with one round of  HIIT Max Workout #32 as a Strength Workout.

NOTE: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. To reduce this risk of injury, please consult your doctor before beginning this, or any other, physical fitness program. Any user of this program assumes the full risk of injury resulting from performing the routines presented within this blog.
(Yes, I have provided some affiliate links if you are interested, otherwise let us know what you use from home)! :)

HIIT Max  Workout #32 STRENGTH
Find the original workout here:

Be sure to warm up first.

This video (CLICK HERE) is ONE round of the workout.

I changed it up to make it more of a strength workout.

I alternated between doing the cardio or strength option.

Cardio: Log Jumps To Runner starts
I did single leg deadlifts with 2 25lb Kettlebells
Strength: Single Arm Clean & Press ( L&R Alternate )
I did these with a 35 lb Kettlebell

1. Push Up & Twist ( L&R Alternate )
I did these as is.
2. Reverse Lunge – Tricep Dips & Chest Press  ( L&R Alternate )
I separated these into TWO movements:
Triple Threat with a KB (bicep curl, overhead press, overhead triceps press, 26 lb KB
and Reverse Lunges, 2 25 lb KB's)
3. Super Girl Push Up & Knee Touch ( L&R Alternate )
I did these as is (I suck at these!!! LOL).
4. Reverse Lunge – Bicep Curl & Hammer Curl  ( L&R Alternate )
Again I separated these into TWO movements:
Triple Threat with a KB (bicep curl, overhead press, overhead triceps press, 26 lb KB
and Reverse Lunges, 2 25 lb KB's)
5. Jump Scissors to Squat ( L&R Alternate )
I did these as Goblet Squats with a 35lb KB
6. Reverse Pull Ups To Single Arm Pull Ups
I did these as inverted rows.

This was a hard workout and I loved it. It still is not optimal for strength as I felt a bit rushed by the clock (the 50/10 internals). I would like to do this workout again with 3 rounds, and perform a set number of reps for each exercise and rest as needed. I would use heavier weights on the lunges and squats and do regular pull-ups.
I did 2 rounds. The first round I did weighted push-ups and heavier cleans and presses and I didn't like my form. I had just gotten done teaching a class so I was not fresh. I decided to do Lisa's push-ups and lightened the cleans and presses from 40-35 lbs. 

RECIPE OF THE WEEK for adults:
Sweet Potato Hash 
Take 2-3 sweet potatoes and peel them.
Use a julienne slicer (most are less than $10!) to get them shredded up into small pieces.

Add 2 TBSP of Coconut Oil into a pan.
Add in the sweet potatoes.
Add dash of salt, onion powder, black pepper and if you like it spicy add some hot sauce or hot pepper.
Cook until browned. 
Can add some eggs right on top for some protein. 

Popcorn Balls
I found a healthy version and wanted to share. Great fun for kids to make - and eat!
You'll simply need some spices and some organic honey. That's it.


Use it for a moisturizer, Chap Stick, eye makeup remover, hair de-frizzer, as body lotion and even in baking. 

Zuzka posted her Lifted Butt Series #1 as a Tabata workout. I'm not a fan of Tabata's unless it is used for things like sprints, overhead Kettlebell Swings, high knees or sprinting on a bike. I only like Tabata's for a SUPER intense exercise that I literally could not do for more than 4 minutes. 
I just posted about Tabata's on Thursday and in case you missed it, here it is again:
Zuzka even herself said this workout is not as tough:

This workout combines two of the most wanted workout series – Tabata and Lifted Butt. I thought it would be interesting to bring these two together. I got to be honest here, this workout is not as intense in terms of cardio, which is not very typical for a Tabata type of training. In that sense I feel like I still owe you a really intense Tabata workout… however, the one thing I’m very confident about is that you will love the post workout muscle soreness, because your glutes will be on fire!!

It is only a 12 minute workout, so good if you are short on time, or as a cash out, but not enough for me in terms of a full workout. But that's my preference. 
Actually, if I had my choice, I would work out for 90 min a day. YUP, that's right. But not as crazy as it sounds, hear me out - I'd like a 30 minute yoga routine, followed by 20 minutes of hard core weight lifting, ending with 30 min of yoga stretches, backbends and savasana. Perfect! (IMHO).

I also just did a post yesterday about Bulgarian Split Squats as Rumi did them during her Butt Routine, and Bret has some tips for this exercise if you are interested:
He is always experimenting with exercises and comes up with the best tips and tricks. 
I love his posts. They are always informative and helpful. :) 


  1. I love ur take on day 32 and also that sounds like workout heaven I could poss fit n 90mins for that type of workout :-) I always feel a bit let down with 12min workouts but I knew z likes this so I sd not complain

    1. Tx! I really enjoyed the workout using more strength. I like longer than 12 but that's me. I wish I had time everyday for my yoga/strength combo. Someday!