Sunday, December 7, 2014

My First Post is Live on! BR Lean's First Workout is Live!

So I am writing a series for the HIIT Max workouts to make them easier, more strength based and offer equipment alternatives.

Be sure to check it out:

This post is for week one, workouts 1-5. I believe the next post is due out on Thursday. :) Let me know what you think and if you want any further suggestions.

BR Lean workout #1 is now posted on their web-site with Kelsey. She is adorable with a cute little accent. I'm not sure which state she is from. (I had such a hard time getting used to both Zuzka's and Lisa's accents at first. Hence why I never talk on camera. I have a horrific Boston accent, LOL). I think she was a little nervous and awkward, but who wouldn't be? And I bet she gets much better on camera over the 2 weeks. I just read her little bio on their web-page and I didn't know she was a mom of 2 kids. This makes a big difference to me because I know having kids changes your body and priorities in inexplicable ways. Lisa and Zuzka don't have kids - and though I have NO doubt they would get their abs back, I bet they would still have different SKIN covering their abs. It is what happens!

I did notice something on Kelsey's routine though. It was listed as:

1. Divebomber, Push up & Back
2. Front Raises
3. Bentover Row x2, Jacks x2
4. ½ Burpee, Upright Row
5. Alternate Front/Side Raise (L/R)
6. Plank Rotations

The Bent Over Row's had no jacks. The 1/2 Burpee, Upright row was only performed once through this routine, not twice. 

I liked that this was a STRENGTH routine isolating the shoulders and back. Three times through with a booty exercise in there would make this a great full body workout if you wanted a bit more. What did you guys think? I am super curious to see the rest of her workouts. and her burnouts. 


  1. Overall, I like this routine! Definitely more of a strength and sculpting focus. I would like to see set reps/rest periods but anyone can easily add that in.
    I would probably sub heavy barbell overhead press for the front raises - only because it's one of my favourite big compound movements :). Overall, I like it and I'm excited for more!
    Love your contributions to the blog, too! Great suggestions, short and sweet, to the point. Good stuff.

    1. Thx Laura! :) And I too like the sculpting focus, and would love to see set reps/rest periods as well. I hope BR or Zuzka will do some exercise routines like that in the near future.

  2. I wd love to hear ur Boston accent I am Scottish haha :-)

    1. Would love to hear YOUR accent. Scottish is beautiful. Boston is um, well, NOT. I agree - gorgeous arms on Kelsey.

  3. Oh and Kelsey is hardcore I have done a few of her workouts I think she is like Lisa :-) and her arms r a work if art! I so enjoyed ur input of hit max it's so helpful x

  4. I would love to hear your Accent :) Why not talk and explain in your next fitnut video :) Also if you turn your phone landscape it will catch the whole scene. Don't know what phone you have but my automatically detects landscape. First test so you don't end with odd video orientation lol

    1. It is a phone and I will try it - thanks Rumi! I just had it updated so I don't know how to use it yet. LOL.

    2. Google "how to make videos with (model) phone" lol, this is the way I do things I don't know :)

  5. What a cute girl, this new Bodyrock-girl! I liked that she seems to be somehow peaceful. I didn´t even notice any accent. I love Scottish btw, it is so neat! My accent is probably a horrible mix of American and British English, with a lovely twist of my own, a bit of hard native language. (which is Finnish.) Although, I worked in a hotel years ago, and one American guy asked me, have I lived in USA, that I sound like that I have. =D Actually we are taught to speak British English, however, tv-shows have affacted on my speaking a lot, Finnish TV is full of American shows. But, when the years went by, I began to watch more British shows too, so, here we are today. =D

    Nice job with the article, Gina!