Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Vegan Cream Cheese Recipe, BR Beginner's and Booty Advice, BR Plus has THIS for us in December, the HARDEST Core Exercises and The Top 10 Mistakes in the Gym

I found a vegan recipe for cream cheese that I thought some of you might like. It is kind of pain to make - but it's not hard to do. Zuzka uses lots of dairy in her recipes. I'm not against dairy, but I don't like to eat a lot of it. I like grated cheese on top of things, but not globs of cheese.
There are some pre-made ones on the market that are often filled with chemicals and genetically modified soy - yuk. So here is a homemade one.

Bodyrock.tv has their beginner's series posted on their web-site. I think having a beginner's series is a super idea and they have a GREAT host for it. She is adorable. I do however wish they would have her re-do Lisa's workouts as a beginner variation. I think that would be an even better idea! (IMHO). I'm going to post that idea on FB.

I saw this booty advice posted on BR's FB page:

YES! Finally. Squats are a fantastic exercise for overall muscle development, but they are not the end all be all for glute development. You need specific GLUTE exercises.

I also saw this on Freddy's FB page:

Stirring up controversy again. Some people were really offended while other said it is just a joke. I think there are some things you just don't joke about. I did not find this funny - at all, but I'm a parent. I don't think Freddy meant any harm though. I wasn't offended, but thought it was  poor taste. He also posted Lisa's request for BR's testimonials on their PLUS. Any of you going to write a testimonial? I do think they did a good job with it. I'm sorry to see the price hike though for the second time. I wish they would keep it cheaper that ZGym. But $9.99 a month is still not a lot. Lucky you who got in at $4.99 a month!

Lisa did clarify what we are getting this month as Plus members, and I'm excited for it.

Think of this week as the ''normal'' two weeks rest we normally have between both HIITMax season 1 & 2.

Next week Kelsey is giving you BodyRock Lean (total strength) for two weeks & all PLUS members get BONUS strength workouts (which I watched and they are all really tough)

Also kelsey's workouts will be in the PLUS to download.

We are adding the 30 day original RTC & the Transformers challenge & burnouts to be able to download over December.

**NEWS** - We are going to offer a new way to get your workout faster in the next few days to hopefully help those who can't download them or get the plus.

Then we have a week's break before xmas ... and HIITMax starts again on the 1st January !!!!

I saw this online today and I cannot wait to try half the exercises in here.
41 of the Hardest Core Exercises 
Some of them are not going to be on my immediate list to try - like pushing a car, but many of them are pretty cool, and you can do right from home with either resistance bands, a stability ball, a Kettlebell, or just your own body weight.
I LOVE a lot of these exercises because they are not just 'ab' exercises. Clearly they work your core, but many of them also work your legs, arms, back, and glutes. Love, love, love!

I have another interesting read for you: The Top 10 Mistakes Women Make in the Gym.
Now I realize that not all women follow Zuzka and/or BR, but the majority are women. This article is fantastic and definitely worth a read.
See if you are making any of the mistakes. The ab one I found quite interesting.


  1. I feel like I'm learning so much from you Gina your awesome!!! I love all the health advice and good reads. I think the last time I was charged it was still 4.99 sometimes that's just how people are that don't have kids idk y but they are. I noticed that ( I have a few friends w/ out kids) they always gave an animal there attached too so in there own way I'm sure there searching for that same feeling. My moms kids r all grown up except my little sister who's a teen and never mom and my mom is attached to her 2 dogs and parrot. I think she loves that bird as much as me lol

  2. Lisa just commented on her facebook page that she is going home in three days. I am just curious to know why her and Freddy are not together. I think they have been apart at least a year now. Last year at this time she posted from somewhere else and he wrote, don't worry Lisa is just away for the holidays and will be back....Such spin! I'm happy for her!!!

    1. Hasn't freddy been the one filming her for HIIT Max thus whole time? I didn't realize they've been apart for a year?

  3. Yes Freddy is the one filming the challenges in the studio that they rent. I think its a loft or something. It's the place Lisa did her 30 day challenge by herself. If you go way back to last year you can really see it come full circle. Lisa lives in London now I think, has posted about her sister helping her at IKIA to furnish her place etc.

    After people noticed Lisa was STILL gone after "the holidays" last year he said her father was sick and that is why she was somewhere else. I have no idea if that is true or false, but she does NOT live in Canada...and is now posting about missing home!
    He is a spinner and just wants to hang on to that couple status, which I agree, helps him get some attention when he needs it.

    1. My boyfriend is from Denmark originally, has been in the U.S. for almost 10 years, and often misses home, although ~home~ is technically the United States now. Home is where your loved ones are, and as much as significant others are loved and family, it's a different sort of bond than with others.

      Whether or not she lives in Canada or London, on account of being in a relationship with Freddy or not, isn't really any of our business.... that said, people are allowed to speculate whatever circumstance the please but this is a great example of being a little too much.

  4. Sorry- do you mean she isn't really filming in Canada? Or that she just goes there for brief periods of time to film then back to London to live?