Wednesday, December 3, 2014

No Photo-shopping for BR! BR Lean is coming, Zuzka's Guns & Pistols for Beginners, Wall Ball Workouts

BR has done a post a couple of times that they do not Photoshop their pics other than the colors - not the people's bodies. I do not think that Lisa has been photo-shopped or any of their other hosts. I did personally think the Catching Fire pics had been - on the cover and when they were running the ads with both Rita and Melissa. I don't really know either way though.
I also think that BR has used other photos of other models that HAVE been photo-shopped. Not that they did it themselves, it was a pic they were using that was already altered.
Not to mention that lighting and make up does wonders. :) These ladies didn't roll out of bed and start having their picture taken. LOL.
A funny thing I have also noticed about Rita and Melissa. I see 'likes' and comments from Rita on Freddy's FB page. I've never seen a single one from Melissa.
There are also lots of ads with this woman Brook that they use to promote their affiliate products. I always wondered if she was photo-shopped. BR uses her again and again, but she has only done one workout for them (it was a dance one). She's not a regular host like many of the other photos they have used in the past with Lisa, Rita, Melissa, Edith, etc.

BR Lean is coming next week. There was another promo for it on Lisa's FB page:

I am SO curious about this 2 week challenge! I think that it is cool that they took a hard core follower and turned her into a host. I know they've done that before as well, and I think it is an awesome idea.

Zuzka posted her Guns & Pistols for Beginners. It was a re-filmed video of a workout she has already done. What I like about this workout is that it is easily modified to make it easier or harder. You don't need to be doing full pistols in this workout to make it advanced. The 1 legged chair squats with heavy weight is a nice way to make it more advanced. You could leave out the weights if you don't want any added extra resistance. I also liked that there were bicep curls in this workout.

I always wonder if Zuzka will find any other hosts. I guess her site is really just about her. She had those guest hosts a while back, but it never seemed to go anywhere. I think the only way Z could ever be successful at that is if she trained someone real time, and then have that person train her in return. We would probably all like to see someone kick Z's butt. Then they probably could take over for some of the ZGym workouts. Geez, I've got some good ideas now don't I? LOL.

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BR has their Wall Ball on sale right now. The problem I have with many of the Wall balls is that you void the warranty if you slam them. UGH.
I have actually slammed two to of them to their demise before. (HA HA, so make sure you don't slam it if it not meant for it).
Here is an awesome Burpee challenge ( - she uses a steel bell, but I have done the same thing with a Slam-Wall Ball and it is GREAT fun. It is strength and conditioning in one. A Slam-Wall Ball (Click HEREwill run you about $70-$100 depending on the weight you choose.

Here is a workout I did the other day with one. It was a 20 minute AMRAP.
10 Wall Ball Burpees
10 Slams
10 Mountain Climbers hands on the ball
10 Walking Lunges holding ball overhead

You can do this as a 10 minute cash out or on its own for 20 minutes if you are short on time. It's one of my favorite HIIT workouts ever.


  1. I'm curious too. With the hiit max plus members got to see the videos a few days earlier. I'm hoping we get to see it earlier then Monday. Kelsey also has her own you tube Chanel she's doing a 21 day challenge right now I think you'd like day 2

    1. I'll check out her youtube channel. Thanks for the tip!