Monday, December 1, 2014

Zuzka's Workouts, Bret's Get Glutes Deal of the Year! BR's Bodyrock Lean is what's next, and some little REVIEW's of's various guides and eBooks

Zuzka posted her Jump Rope Workout - JRC#3 and her Cash#4. The JRC is a great cardio routine - one that I would use as a cash out.
The Cash#4 is more of a full body workout that you can add on rounds to make it more a longer workout. There were pulling exercises - yipee- so you know I liked it. :) She uses a Kettlebell in this routine. I saw quite a few comments on her web-page saying that they liked the 20-25 min workouts the best. I have to agree. With a warm up and cool down it really feels more like a complete workout than the 12 min - IMO.
I love it whenever Zuzka does some of her longer workouts. Those are usually her hardest ones.

I go another email from Sweat Factor that her DVDs are on sale - it's a Cyber Monday Sale this time. I still think this is a bit weird and it is unfair to Z.

Zuzka did post again on her FB page about her new not to be confused with her old web-site.
Someone responded to her with a question and Zuzka answered her:
  • Monika Dorrian Perlstein Hi Zuzka: We still have to buy your DVDs from Sweat Factory, though, don't we? 
    • Zuzka Light At your own risk. I don't control the quality of those DVDs, the shipping or anything associated with that. It's a different company that made those DVDs and is selling them. FYI I am now posting Kettlebell series for beginners in my ZGYM™ at I have already posted workout #1 and today I shot workout #2.

I wonder how long that mix up will go on for.....

Booty advice!
So you guys know how much I love Bret C. and his exercise advice. If you are looking for 30 day glute challenges so you can have a new booty by the New Year, check this out:

I've also talked highly about his Get Glutes Program - which is $20 a month, and it is terrific for women who really want to learn how to lift and to focus on their legs, especially glutes. He also incorporates lots of push ups and pull ups if you want to work on those.
He is offering 6 months of workouts for $69. This is not an affiliate link, but I am recommending it because I LOVE his stuff.

On Lisa's FB page it is listed that BR Lean is next. I am assuming it starts next week. I asked what is new for BR Plus members this month, and I'm still not sure what we are paying for. It should be pretty clear - shouldn't it? Is it just me?
They are adding all of the past challenges to the Plus section to downloadable format, so I guess Plus members get to choose what challenge they want to do next from this? I'm not sure I totally get it.
Lisa is looking for testimonials for the Plus from folks, so if you're happy with it, go to her FB page and leave a comment. I LOVED the burn out workouts - like I said before more than the actual workouts themselves. I felt they were more strength focused.

The Plus gives you access to many of BR's guides.

I ordered the 14 Day Nutrition Guide by BR ages ago, and I did a short review on it here if you are interested:

I did another short review on the Sexy Butt Book the other day too. I enjoyed this eBook - as I liked the technical info, their info on cellulite and the exercises they gave. It gives more than just butt exercises as well. However, as I mentioned -  In my opinion though it was missing hip thrusters and band walks. These 2 exercises realllllly hit the glutes like nothing else. Some donkey kicks would have been good too. So Jane Fonda like, but they burn. :)
I think those exercises are mandatory for building a better booty. I feel like BR should have known that, but it's still a good book. It is broken into 5 chapters, is 84 pages long of bootilicious info. :) 

I am in the middle of reading Bodyrock's Definitive Nutrition Guide. It has 9 chapters, and I am thoroughly enjoying this read so far. I can't really give a full review on it yet as I'm not done, but here are the table of contents if you are curious. 

I also got the cookbook, but I've only glanced through it. It is VERY well illustrated and has some great recipes in it. I wonder if Freddy took the pics for this book. If so, he proves again that he is one talented photographer. The only problem I have with paying for a cookbook is that their are thousands of recipes online for free. When this book first came out I mentioned I was not a fan of the cover - smushed naked breasts together for a cookbook? LOL.
I have yet to finish the Fast Fixes book yet either, but it has tidbits of info on a little of everything. It talks about 'yoga butt' a symptom of hip/butt pain that can cause sciatica and us yogis feel it when we forward fold. I had NO idea what this was called and I HAVE it, and I know of other yogis who do too. I learned something! :)
I know many of these are on sale now, so you might be interested. 

And of course a little plug for my own eBook Written by yours truly. :) It's only .99 cents! 

The link will take you to Paypal, but you do not need a Paypal account. 
Here are the table of contents for my book: 


The 10 Best Exercises ……………………………………….Pages 3 – 10

Cardio vs. Weight Training …………………………………Pages 11-13

Diet and Nutrition Tips …………………………..………….Pages 14-18

Why Flexibility is the Fountain of Youth …………………..Pages 19 – 21

Equipment Recommendations ..…………………………..….... Page 22

Contact Information …………………………………………. Page 23

Lastly, Lisa had a dance off posted on her FB. Lisa can be crazy, motivating, just plain weird with all her plastic surgery fixes, but that woman is FULL of personality. There's no denying it! She just seems plain fun to be around.


  1. Bodyrock Lean, huh? That sounds interesting. Am looking to lean out post-Thanksgiving pre-Xmas/New Year's so that sounds right up my alley. Still dealing with my sprained foot, though, so hopefully there won't be that much jumping around, lol. Sounds exciting, though - I didn't really follow HiitMax #2 the last two weeks but it feels weird without a program running right now. That's the thing about BR I guess; they leave you wanting more, even when they're not the sole resource out there. IMO at least.

    Thanks for doing this blog, btw - I don't know how many kudos you get but you deserve plenty. Really good stuff information and commentary wise that you have going on, and it's definitely appreciated by many in various fitness communities. Cheers!

    1. I hope your foot feels better soon

    2. I agree - it leaves you wanting more, and I am intrigued by the BR Lean. I hope your foot feels better too. And Thank You SOOOO much for your kind words! Glad you like the blog. :) Cheers to you.

    3. Thanks, CC STX and Gina. :) It's getting better; I've been doing recumbent cycling for cardio and have focused on strength (which is really important anyway). It might take a couple more weeks to really heal, since I'm always on my feet for work and otherwise. :( but it really makes one appreciate mobility when it's at 95 to 100%, that's for sure.

      Have a great day!

  2. Did anyone see the comment Zuzka made on FB and she replied with "rome was not built in a day" well a hot body was not built in shorter 12min workouts oh am bitchy lol :-) I am really considering Bret Contreas programme and Gina I am feeling a difference all ready with lifting heavy :-) Love your blog!!!

    1. LMAO!!!!!! That was funny. You'll love Bret's stuff. Go to and I think he has a sample workout on there or offers a free one if you give him your email.

  3. Gina I'd love it if you would show us what you eat in a day as well as recommendations for those of us who can't eat 2000 calories a day and be 120 pounds lol

    1. I eat A LOT. Cheerios, banana, toast, peanut butter, almonds, eggs, huge salads with spinach and or kale, cabbage, carrots, peas, mushrooms, peppers, grated cheese, guacamole, hummus, chicken, shrimp, turkey jerky, apple, berries, sweet potatoes, watermelon, 2-4 pieces of low carb bread - is a typical day. Then about 300 calories worth of chocolate - my VICE in life.

  4. Or is that included in your e- book? I'm prob gonna harass my husband for it when he gets off work

    1. LOL! Diet tips and tricks are in my ebook but not specific to an individual. What body type are you and how active are you? I can help with your questions better knowing that info. :)

    2. I'm a mesomorph. I do my body rock and I just started doing Zuzka again 4-6 times a week plus I walk my dog and little boys in the morning. So I guess meduim. I just saw that Haley from xnrgfit is 128 I believe I'm 124 anyway and my stomache looks nothing like that. I'm not chuncky or anything but I don't have a 6 pack either .

    3. Haley is also 5'7" tall, not sure how tall you are? Since you are a mesomorph your body type responds very well to weight training. Sounds like you do a lot of cardio? Make sure you are using heavier weights when doing the BR and Z routines and that will go a long way for you. Also, mesomorphs respond best to 40-30-30 (carbs-protein-fat) diets. Make sure you eat most of your starchy carbs within 3 hours of your workouts ending. Now I'm generalizing here, but hopefully some of that will help.

  5. I don't have any of here equipement or anything I have two 5 pound dumbells and two 15 pound dumbbells. I used to just use the one 15 pound one and found it challenging now I try really hard to use both I just can't w fly's thou I use my 5 pounds for those

    1. I would use the 15 lb dumbbells wherever you can - lunges, squats, shoulder presses, bicep curls, single leg deadlifts, bent over rows, tricep presses, renegade rows, etc, etc. If you fill up water jugs with sand they are 18 lbs each. Get a 50 lb bag of sand from your local hardware store - it's under $3. Wrap it in one of those large lawn trash bags, duct tpae it closed and use the duct tape to make handles. Use it to clean and press, swing, for hip thrusters, deadlifts. Or go to my equipment page ( and get yourself a couple of KB's. SO worth it. But you need to start adding some resistance training. 5'6" tall and 124 lbs is light! :)