Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Zuzka's Guns And Pistols #9, Her Latest 5 Min Z-Blast, BR Day #43, The Cost of Getting Lean, Figuring out Your Own Body Type, Healthy Sweet Potato Chips

Zuzka posted her latest Guns & Pistols#9 Workout.
I really want to give this one a go.
I would save the jumping rope for the end. I would add in 2 back exercises in place of the jump rope, and then do the workout that way. I would go for 20 minutes, jump rope for 5, then cool down.

As far as the rest of the week goes in ZGym, I'm not sure if these are all new workouts or if she is refilming these? ZWOW #1 is going way back to the beginning. I guess we will have to wait and see what she does. I don't see any brand new workouts listed. I *think* the cardio shreds are all her older ZShreds?

Schedule for the rest of the week:
  • Wednesday

    Cardio Shred #6 (NEW in ZGYM)
  • Thursday

    ZWOW #1 (New in Workouts)
  • Friday

    Power Yoga #6 (NEW in ZGYM)
  • Saturday

    Kettlebell Workout for Beginners #1 (NEW in ZGYM)
  • Sunday #1

    5 Minute Workout #10
  • Sunday #2

    Power Yoga #2 (Zgym)

Zuzka also had her 3rd installment of her Six Pack Ab series on bodybuilding.com featured today. 
It had one of her 5 min workouts which she is now calling Z-Blasts. It is a great little 5 min workout, one that I think I am going to use as a cash out to one of my classes the day after Thanksgiving.

I'm still surprised that bodybuilding.com features her - she looks like a body builder, but much of her workout advice is not something a body builder would do.

BR Posted Day #43. I REALLY liked this workout. The cardio move was legs, and the couplets involved the chest and abs (I liked this move!) and a BACK exercise. Yahoo. FULL body here. I loved it.
Lisa uses the Step, but says you can use the Bosu ball too. She also uses the HIIT bar and weights.
She uses the same weight for bent over rows and the chest press. I think the sandbag would be better for bent over rows as you can go heavier, and it gives you option to push a little harder.

I am looking for some adjustable dumbbells, but so far my search has led me to finding cheap ones that fall apart and from the reviews smell like chemicals, while others are super duper expensive. If anyone has ones that are worth mentioning, let us know. I will continue to research it.

Geez, between Zuzka, BR and now Rumi I feel like there are lots of options - and I like it!

Precision Nutrition came out with yet another great article today - the cost of getting lean. There are 2 variations of the article below:



There are trade offs to becoming lean for most of us. Some of us willing to do the trade-offs where others are not. We as individuals need to decide where to draw the line. Let me know what you guys think.

Also, I got asked how to figure out your own body type (endomorph, ectomorph, mesomorph). Here is one way to find out online if you don't already know:
Knowing your body type can be a way to help you achieve your fitness goals. It is not an end all be all, but it can help. I like that this particular test also shows you a graph with percentages of each body type that you are. For instance, I am 88% ectomorph.

I made myself some sweet potato chips as part of my post workout meal.

YUM. They are quite easy to make if you have a mandoline slicer. No chopping at all! It's so easy.

I sprayed my pan with coconut oil spray, but you can also make these in the oven. I added some onion powder and sea salt. You could instead sprinkle with Stevia and cinnamon.

Tomorrow I am treating myself to ice cream cake. My oldest daughter turns 7. I can't believe it -  SEVEN!  We going to get her ears pierced, then the family is going out for double chocolate ice cream cake. Now I'm off to wrap presents. Have a good workout everyone. :)


  1. She is really praised on BB.com in the comments. I am surprised that we don't see people saying she is working out more, or eating different or anything of the sort (as clearly ppl there are a crowd more familiar with exercise than say, a women's fashion mag that features a workout article).

    1. I just went and looked at some of the comments from all 3 parts of her series. A lot of praise on her body and her looks. Some people praised the workouts. I saw a couple of people saying it would be a good warm up or a cash out - and I agree there. There were a couple of really negatives too. One person accused Z of starving herself - which I do not think is true. She needs to eat to maintain her muscle mass.

  2. Bodybuilding.com may have a misleading name, but they started with bodybuilding articles and selling supplements - now a days strongmen, bodybuilders, powerlifters, bikini competitiors, crossfit athletes, even gymnasts, triathletes, cyclists, footballplayers and runners are featured. The site offers HIIT, HVT, GVT, bodybuilding splits, cardio workouts and all sorts of other things :) Therefore they feature Zuzka. The site is about "bodybuilding" in the sense of building your best body - whether that is with HIIT, crossfit, powerlifting or the classic split - it is not at black and white anymore :)

    1. Cool. Tx Ann. I will have to look at it some more. Sounds interesting!

    2. It is actually a really good web site - workouts about how to gain strength and endurance, not just a look :) I think they want to be the biggest provider of information and supplements, so they dont restrict themselves to only bodybuilding :) Take a look at the Fitness 360 page (under workouts) - here you can see their sponsored athletes: bodybuilders, strongmen, crossfitters and a HIIT girl (Sara Solomon, who btw is awesome) :)

    3. I am definitely going to check this out :-)

    4. Sara is so cool. I love her. And her mom. =D And the cat.

      Interesting btw, that Zuzka was doing the same exercise as Melissa was doing a little while ago... Not saying that trainers own their movements, or that Melissa even invented that combo. =D Looks like a killer workout. I actually did Zuzka´s Cardio Shred#4 on the other day, and my gosh, it was hard. I don´t do that kind of intensive cardio that often anymore, just because these types of workouts get me out of breath of course, however, I don´t get that kind of muscle burn as I want to. =D

    5. That's interesting, I also noticed Zuzka and Melissa did this one leg roll back pistol combo. Zuzka's Guns and Pistols 9 workout was posted first time September 27th (I joined the Sweatfactor Gym and have currently access to the old Zuzka workouts). I wonder when Melissa came up with this combo.
      I don't know for sure, but think, it was later than September.

    6. Oh, I did not even realise that it´s possible that Zuzka did it at first. I´m not a member of Z-gym, so I never saw the w/o earlier. So maybe it was Melissa who "copied". =D

    7. As a fitnut I had to look into the workout "300 reps nightmare". Unfortunately, it was removed from the BR site. In this workout Zuzanna came up with the one leg roll back for the first time (without the push-up). This move helped me to get my first pistol squat down :) The workout is from 2009.

    8. Cool, I have done that workout. It was a good one! Good old Bodyrock days. =D The pistol roll out was quite easy to me from the beginning. It still took some time to learn the real pistol.

    9. Looks like a fantastic workout!

  3. im really curious of what a day of high protein diet looks like. To me it just sounds like youd be eating meat all day. i really wanna lean out and i was actually reading on body building that a high protein diet is how to do it. i tried it a few months ago and i overate late at night

    1. Do not eat too much - for an active female 0.8 g pr lb of bodyweight is a good target or 1 g pr lb of LEAN bodyweight - if you are a woman with competition dreams or an average man look at 1 g pr lb of bodyweight or 1.2 pr lb of LEAN bodyweight. If you are a man with competition dreams 1.2 g pr lb of bodyweight or 1.4-1.5 g pr lb of LEAN bodyweight. It is not good for you to eat those ridiculous 300 g of protein pr. day kinda diets - it is rarely even needed to supplement with protein shakes and the likes, just cleaver marketing from supplement companies, who sponsor the athletes to make you think you need their products to get in an absurd amount of protein - remember in quantity
      Veggies > lean protein > fruit > fats/grains (depending on bodytype > grains fats > junk
      All are essential (minus the last) but some are more important than others. :) Hope it helped

    2. So does that mean if I weigh124 I should aim of 120 grams of protein

    3. Sounds about right :) I eat 118 g and I weigh 139, but I purpoisly go a little lower (0,85 g pr lb of bodyweight) :)

    4. thx ann you have no idea how much you helped. you ladies are always so sweet i love this blog your awesome gina !!!!

    5. Anytime :) Just glad i could help :) And yes I love the blog too :D

    6. THANKS guys. Glad you like the blog! xo

    7. Ann Tenna, what do you mean by LEAN bodyweight? What kind of bodyweight is this?
      I always wonder what "lean muscle" and now "lean bodyweight" means.
      There is no such thing as fat muscle. Is lean bodyweight, when I'm my skinniest?

  4. I am 50% mesomorph and 38% endomorph :-) now lots of reading to do lol!