Monday, November 17, 2014

Zuzka's Body Crush #7, Interesting Nutritional Strategies, BR Day #42

Zuzka posted her Body Crush #7 late last night (well is was late MY time), but I was glad that it was done the night before.
It was a typical Zuzka body weight workout. Nothing easy, but nothing that wowed me either. BUT what I do like about Z's body weight routines is that they require agility and flexibility. Those kick throughs are hard, (especially if you have long legs like me) but I love them. I like moves such as this one because I think they help train your body to move with more ease. And that's really an important thing to consider when training - or at least I think so.

Z also keeps posting in CZech which I think is a smart business move. Her native followers must really enjoy that. I think it is a nice touch.

Guns & Pistols #9 is coming tonight. I know a lot of folks will be happy to see another one of the workouts from this series. I wonder if this was her most popular series?

Absolutely loved Zuzka's sports bra, but the shorts looked like they were made from one of those large green trash bags. LOL. I believe they are both Lorna Jane pieces. She was more of a Lululemon fan when she was with BR. I'm a Lulu fan, and do reallllllly like Lorna Jane, but it is out of my price range. I've heard Athleta is a great brand and gives instructors a 30% discount where Lulu only offers 15%.

Lisa's bright yellow pants that I LOVE are Decatholon. I'm not familiar with them. Will the yellow be see-through after all 5 workouts after she's drenched in sweat? I would worry about that working out in them. Does anyone have a favorite brand? Do tell!

Here is an interesting read on nutrition strategies:

It is from Precision Nutrition - this is the company that Zuzka received her certification from, and it's the same one that I'm working on my own certification with.
Their strategies are based on body type and activity levels.
Now most of you know that Zuzka believes in a higher fat diet, and many of her recipes are higher in fat and lower in carbs. Much of what Precision Nutrition teaches is that many people actually do better with higher fat that carbs - especially endomorph body types, as well as mesomorph. However, people like me who are ectomorphs do better on high carb, low fat diets. I think since very little of the population are ectomorphs, there is little information on how to eat and workout properly for that body type. There are far more endo and mesos out there and hence more info - including recipes even those from Zuzka are tailored to those needs. (Sigh, frustrating for me!) But it is a pretty good article. Give it a read.

BR posted Day #42. They posted a bit later this time. Typically I can check at 7pm EST and it's there, but no biggie

The Couplet this time was bunny jump and tuck jumps with super girl push ups and touch knee (with equalizer) .
The Cardio was toe taps off of their wall ball.

Bunny Jumps??? LOL. And more push ups? Even the little burnout at the end had another variation of push ups - dive bombers. Lisa was doing half dive bombers and I don't blame her - her arms must be toast!
The super girls with the touch knee is a great exercise, but I did not like it off of the equalizer. It looked unsafe - too wobbly. Lisa mentioned that you might be too wobbly so do it off of a bench (or how about The Step?) or off of your ball. Better suggestions IMO than the equalizer.
The cardio toe taps was fine - you could do that off of a hundred different things making it a very versatile exercise and it sure gets your heart rate up.
The amount of times that BR uses the equalizer, the dip station and even their HIIT bar and weights you would think - pull ups, inverted rows, bent over rows - something, ANYthing to balance out all the pushing exercises. Sigh....
But no doubt it is a workout that will get you sweaty and your heart pumping.

BR also has another preview of the burnouts:
Not as enticing to me this time, but Lisa sure does look GREAT.

And if you didn't get a chance to see my review of a new workout site, check it out. Rumi is terrific! Some more awesome workouts to choose from. :)

I was watching some more of her workouts, and this looks like a good total body workout with minimal equipment.


The Step 


Wall Ball


  1. Could you please advise me Gina where I can find out what body type I am lol? I hope this is not a stupid question lol,

    1. Not stupid at all! Try this out:

    2. Thank you oh I can't wait to find out I think it will influence my diet decisions and benefit my work out programme :-)

  2. I am mesomorph and I do really well on high carb, low protein and low fat diet. My carbs are from fruit, legumes, rice, quinoa. I dont eat sweets and added sugar. When I bake (very very rear) I use dates bit I prefer raw desserts. And on low protein diet I gained musles, because of the training not because of the amount of protein. I don't use supplement, except herbs when I am ill. Thank you for the link to PN, I like them a lot. Do you enojy your study with them? My concern is that they don't have credibility and in USA only RD can give nutritional advice, am I wrong?

    1. You lucky mesomorphs!!! :) But interesting that you do well on high carb. I DO like PN, but they are a certification company for nutrition. It is not the same thing as a registered dietician. So PN would be for nutritional advice, but anyone with medical needs has to see a RD. Does that make sense? PN is self paced cert course, a RD is typically 4 years of school or more. They often work in hospitals.

    2. Can I offer diet plans in USA if I am not RD? I love to cook and my meal plans are with big variety and delicious recipes. In my country I have more than 3000 clients that lost weight on diet plan elaborated by me. But in USA I am not sure I can do this. Any ideas?

    3. I'm not sure. I'll see what I can find out. You might need a disclaimer or waiver form.

    4. Rumi - check out this link:
      There are PN certified individuals all over the world. You may want to contact PN and see if the cert allows these folks to counsel people overseas. Like I said you might need a waiver form, but I'm not sure if waiver legally hold up in one country to the next.

    5. Thank you, Gina! I Wrote to PN and ask them to advise me wether I can do what I want after their certification.

  3. I have a very similar body type to Zuzana (holds some fat in the thighs, but very lean in the middle/arms, takes little effort to get abs, builds muscle easy). I would describe our body types of mesomorph.

    I have found my body looks best when I eat approx 150 pro, 50 fat, 180 carb (60 which is fiber carbs). When I had my diet like this, and I do four- five Zwows a week, I looked very lean and similar to what Zuzana looks like now (not exactly, but along those lines).

    Right now, because my diet went off track for a couple months (really bad, for me at least!) I look more like what Zuzana looked like when she started her Zwows (lean, fit, but not near as lean or ripped- see Zwow 1 for what I mean).

    I don't think zwows would do the same for most people as it does for Zuz and me. I think I am just lucky that her workouts work for me, but I recognize this is because we have an almost identical body type.

    1. I can't thank you enough for this comment Lexxie! It's good to hear people acknowledge their genetics sometimes. I'm naturally thin - that is not work for me, but putting on muscle is SUPER hard work for me. And your macro breakdown is great to know too. I appreciate this A LOT.

  4. No problem :) Over the years, people have asked me many times how I get my abs. I always have said, diet, exercise, and genetics. Even my mom, who is not into eating well and has a very inactive lifestyle, has always had a rather flat stomach. Like me, her fat doesn't accumulate there. Does she have abs- no, not at all; however, if she had ate well and exercised, I doubt it would have taken much to get them.

    I don't spend any more time on my abs than I do any other body part. In fact, I don't even really work them out specifically. The odd Zuzka workout will have a abs specific exercise, but rarely as they tend to be full body moves (as opposed to doing crunches etc).

    I should also add, in case anyone is interested, when I am eating the way I described in my previous post, I also have a cheat meal once per week. This meal would be something like a burger, fries and dessert. Usually I can't finish the full burger though haha. I don't believe in a cheat day, but I think it's also fine for me to split up the same 'cheat' foods throughout the day rather than all at once i.e.: maybe I have a burger and fries for lunch, but then in the evening have a dessert.

    My take on genetics is that most people will not be 'fat' because they have 'bad genetics'. I don't like it being an excuse for being unhealthy or overweight when it is clear this is do to overeating. If people eat the appropriate amount of calories for their level of activity, most people will not be overweight. HOWEVER, I believe that looking above average fit (like Zuzka!) is a different story. I think most people who follow her diet (or mine!) would still need to exercise more to get an equivalent body.

    Zuzka will never admit this though given her brand is based on 'just 15 mins a day to get in the best shape of your life'.