Friday, November 14, 2014

Why people get fat, Zuzka's Guns & Pistols #7 workout, DO I need to jump on the band wagon? Genetics and their role in exercise

Some of you might find this to be an very interesting read:

People are fatter and sicker than ever before.
Obesity rates have tripled since 1980 and have increased particularly fast in children.
The reason why this has happened is still debated among scientists, but it must be due to changes in the environment because our genes don’t change this quickly.........

Zuzka posted her Guns and Pistols #7 workout. I REALLY like this workout. Looks super tough on the legs and shoulder - my favorites! Loved the shoulder press work with the Kettlebell. I am still working on full pistols so I cheat a little bit with my parallette bars. She also posted it on time again, and she posted it on FB in her native language of CZech which I thought was pretty cool. I think modified pistols or 1 legged deadlifts are fine to do as replacements if needed here and the workout would still be tough. I do wish she would post her routines the night before though.

I remember Freddy mentioning during his interview with me that it is common place in the fitness industry to get plastic surgery. I know he is right, but I assumed it was more for fitness models and celebrities. But this past week I bumped into a girl that I used to teach classes with. I have not seen her in a couple of years. She had gotten hair extensions, false eyelashes, fake nails, and she had lip injections  and implants. OMG! And this was all to teach a spin class? I barely get my hair in a pony tail - LOL. Do I need to get on the bandwagon here? I'm all for growing old gracefully. I guess some of us want to fight it every step of the way.
She is in her mid forties like me, so I get wanting to make improvements. I guess I like to earn my improvements, not buy them. But you know what? Other than her lips (which looked AWFUL) the rest of her looked AH-mazing! Her implants were tiny - I think she want from a double A to an A cup. But it looked tasteful. I want to go buy the eyelashes she had. I'm not into lip injections or fake nails - as they are simply not my taste at all. I've had hair extensions before, and they are a pain in the arse. I did not have the expensive ones, so not sure if that would make a difference. 
We also have the same job - and she has 3 kids, I have 2. Not sure where in the world she is getting the money for all this, but I think I need to ask for a raise. :) 
Genetics! I think we can all beat our genetics when it comes to CVD, diabetes, weight control and the like. I think we all have to play WITH our genetics when it comes to athletic abilities. Our genetics play a far larger role in our exercise progress - otherwise we would all look like Zuzka, play basketball like Michael Jordan or golf like Tiger Woods. 
Here is something I read from Bret Contreras:
With regards to strength training, don't compare yourself to others. You possess a unique profile defined by height, body segment lengths, somatotype, joint shape, body mass/composition/shape, kinesthetic intelligence/coordination, satellite cell efficiency, individual muscle mass/shape/leverage/activation/fiber type composition, and hormone/enzyme levels. No two lifters are completely alike. There will inevitably be lifts that you are inherently strong and/or weak at, and there will always be lifters out there who are markedly stronger and/or possess better physiques than you. Do not let this discourage you. Progress is progress. If you're currently making gains and working hard, then be proud of your efforts regardless of where you currently stand.
LOVE that. We all need to remember that. That's why I can do pull ups, struggle with squats, suck at running, great at Kettlebell swings, and I actually like burpees. :) That's why others can do splits, pistols, perfect push ups, but can't do a single pull up. YES, we need to practice those things to get good at them, but some of us are genetically going to be able to progress better than others at various exercises. Comparing is robbing yourself of happiness. Sometimes Zuzka actually makes me feel BAD about myself with her tactics - not good, and not inspired. Lisa has a freaking awesome body too and she doesn't make me feel that way. She makes me feel like an individual. Zuzka comes across TO ME - well if you simply ate like me and worked out like me you'd look like me  - and shame on you for not having a six pack. PLEASE KNOW THIS IS MY OPINION before anyone harps all over me for that comment.  She didn't always come across such a way to me, but has been lately. I know she is super motivating for others. 
There was that comment she made back in Sept about all of us could have a six pack, but didn't have the personality for it. Sigh.... What about people who got diastasis recti from pregnancy? Or people who are starving themselves to be thin? Or CrossFitters who eat paleo and still do not have six packs? Or older folks who don't have as much muscle tone anymore? Or genetically it may never happen for others unless they get down to dangerously low levels of bodyfat - for THEIR bodies? Some women can see six pack abs at 20% body fat where others have to drop down below 15%. Genetics! 
I think people can use genetics as an excuse, and that's not good either. There should be a happy medium.
Last piece of info for you guys to ponder over the weekend. Can weight training count as cardio? There is a FREE newsletter you can sign up for an find out. Check it out! 


  1. I really like thus one and I agree w a lot of what you said excpecially about Zuzka making you feel bad for yourself. A couple of months ago I felt like I was trying so hard to eat no carbs and do her workouts and researching about it and if it actually works for anyone was how I found this blog. Now I can see I wasbt really trying that hard I exercise for 30 min to like 1 hr 15 min and I can eat a sweet without feeling bad and this way works for me. Eating no carbs was just really really hard for me and I don't know how anyone can do it. When I look back I rember always making excuses for myself because I was soo hungry while Zuzka prob dosnt have to wake up at 3 with her toddler and then fall asleep and wake back up at 6 to take her kids to school. I don't mean this in a mean way and yes maybe I am making excuses but Lisa while she has an amazing body and eats really well she dosnt make me feel guilty

    1. I don't think you come across mean - it's just your experience. and I agree it is SO much harder with kids. you get SO exhausted. Cooking is the LAST thing on your mind. And though I do NOT let me kids eat junk food all day, I DO let them indulge. It is part of being a kid. It was just Halloween here and I let them have some of their Halloween candy each day. They love ice cream. I don't keep it in the house, but we will go out for ice cream once in a while. We bake together. My husband is a junk food junkie, but I will NOT let him share his chips with the kids. Those are off limits. My church offers donuts once a month. I let them have ONE and only one. Thank goodness I don't like chips or donuts, but I do like ice cream and I love to bake. :)