Saturday, November 15, 2014

4 Million Views on BR, Zuzka's 'two workouts a day' post, Power Yoga #5, and How to Find Your Squat and DeadLift Depth

Did you guys see that BR hit a new record? They got 4 million views in ONE week. It was posted on Freddy's FB page. I think HIIT Maxx has a lot to do with it! I believe I read somewhere that Lisa is filming for another season? Is there going to be a HITT Maxx 3? Does anyone know? For those of you paying for BR Plus, there must be something coming up. Also, where is the yoga series? I thought it was coming in October?
The beginner's series is in its second week, and the cooking posts are still going up with grocery lists. I think LISA needs to bring attention to these on her FB page so more viewers can get involved with it. I bet a lot of people don't know they exist - yet.

Zuzka did a post yesterday about doing TWO workouts a day 3 days prior to a special event. What did you guys think? Contradictory to what she always says about short workouts each day, but she is only talking about once in a while - in this case a special event for the holidays.

Here is her recommendation:
Day #1:
Morning workout: Cardio Shred #3
Evening workout: Body Crush #5  followed by Power Yoga #1
Day #2:
Morning workout: BodyCrush #3 X
Evening workout: Kettlebell workout followed by Power Yoga #2
Morning Workout: JRCX #2
Evening Workout: Cardio Shred #4 X followed by Power Yoga #3
I'm not sure how much 3 days of training before an event can really help, but it can help psychologically if nothing else. 
I'm not one who would work out twice a day. I need to get it all done at once. 
Zuzka also posted her Power Yoga #5 - and posted it on time again. Does anyone else think the camera angles are still a bit weird of her latest videos? It is Jesse who films her? I'm sure it will just take practice. And I'm one to talk! My videos need help. But it's just me and my phone. :) 
I haven't been watching her Power yoga videos as much lately and I'm not sure why. I absolutely LOVED, LOVED her Power Yoga Videos. A completely innovative way of doing yoga and HIIT. I wonder if Zuzka gets any proceeds from these videos anymore?

Zuzka has a workout for beginners tomorrow. 
I will be back tomorrow with a weighted ab workout. :) 

Squat! Deadlift! This is a great and pretty informative video on HOW to find your squat and deadlift depth:

He explains why you should only go to a certain depth and that your anatomy has a significant impact on 'how low you can go.' This explains a lot as to why Lisa perhaps struggles with going lower in squats and why Zuzka can go deep without any troubles.
Not that you cannot improve upon your depth with strength and flexibility, but your anatomy will dictate just how much you can progress. Interesting stuff! 

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