Thursday, November 13, 2014

Zuzka's Latest Workout, ZGym has been keeping its promises this week, WHO is seeing results? BR Day 40

Zuzka posted her latest workout today called Cardio Shred #5. The workout was OK - not bad, but not one of my favorites. No pulling exercises, but if you add on her 5 min workout from yesterday to this one, it would be a great match.
I liked the Kettlebell combo that she did. The Samurai lunges looked hard. I'm not sure I would be coordinated enough to try those! :)  The side hops into side burpees are fine and challenging, but not a fan of the tornado sit ups. But that's a matter of opinion. There are not too many sit ups that I actually like and include in my own workouts.

Where in the world do both BR and Zuzka get the names for their exercises? Tornado sit ups? Plank Grab Ass? LOL.

It seems like Zuzka has been good at getting back to people about problems they are having with the videos from ZGym. Glad to hear it. I'm not having any issues and I LOVE the new scrolling feature. I do know some of  you are still having technical difficulties, so lets see if they subside. Zuzka has posted her workouts on time all week. GOOD stuff - heading in the right direction!

I hope she comes out with some of her hard core workouts that she is known for. I loved her Bench Mark Workout, ZWOW# 71, #100 especially. I want some more like that.

On FB someone did ask (yet again) how to access the Old ZGym workouts. Zuzka's response:

Zuzka Light: I don't know, why to look for old if we have new and better one?

OK, I understand her response, but I think she should have given the correct info (customer service!). I am sure she is SO tired of that question and I made a suggestion on her FB page that she put it as part of her FAQs.

Zuzka also posted a recipe that I want to try. Gonna make these tomorrow! If anyone else makes them, let me know how they come out.

It is well known that people have seen great results from both Zuzka's and BR's workouts. BR is much better at posting before and afters, and I wonder if Z will start to do that as well.
Most of the before and after show people who had weight to lose. I would like to see a pic of someone who is already in great shape get into better shape with Z or BR - using ONLY their workouts. If you are one of those people, I'd love to hear about it!

BR Day 40 is posted. Also, Lisa put up a sample of what BR Plus includes:
Pretty cool. What do you guys think?

And what did you guys think of Day 40? It would have been a perfect workout if Lisa traded the elevated push ups for ( equalizer pull ups. I have to teach a core class tomorrow, and I am thinking of doing this workout when I'm done, but with the pull up exercise instead. This workout, the leg day and Z's jump rope workout were my favorites this week. Lisa uses the sandbag too for her squats. I wonder if front squats would work better for her. I'm long legged like she is and they work WAY better for my body.

I believe I remember reading somewhere that Lisa wanted to work on her booty and shoulders. (My 2 places I want to work too!) Perhaps this is another reason for all the overhead presses and push ups.
However, Lisa is building up endurance with the amount she is doing, and breaking DOWN muscle tissue. If she wants to build up her shoulder muscles, less overhead presses and less push ups, but with more weight. Use her weighted vest on push ups, or put the sandbag on her back, or one of her weights. More weight in the sandbag for overhead presses.

I liked strength week better - you guys? There were lots of people who liked it too - per her FB page. People want strength every other week as she suggested. I like the idea too. I asked for more stength on her page as well - including back, biceps and deadlifts!
She said next week back to new moves. We will see of that is a good thing, or a bad thing. :) I like some of Lisa's new moves (that upside down pull up looked so cool), but then things like the scissor squat jumps were just TOO crazy and silly - for me. I look forward to it either way though.


  1. I am not here for those pushups or tricep dips tomorrow, lol. I actually refuse! Okay, I may do one round of them, but I will also try to do some isolated bicep and back workout (or other compensatory moves) instead of (or in addition to) them.

    I am largely seeing results because I've bettered what goes into my body (at least three liters of water a day, mainly vegetables and fruits, lean protein, and a little bit of healthy fats). Second has been exercise, frankly. I find that I would have to tailor my diet too much to get results by "just" doing 12-20 minutes of these workouts, but that might be an interesting challenge to try in January 2015. And I've been paring down by doing at least a 45-minute workout 5-6 days a week, max 90 minutes, but that depends on what type of workout I'm doing.

    To me, 12-20 minutes is a great place to start, or to be if someone doesn't have that much weight to lose. That and making sure to work at maximum intensity, which can be a little difficult. I'm not really good at tabata-style quickness but if I was, then maybe 12-20 minutes would work for me! And really, that style is great so if that was all the time I had, I would totally make the most of it and work to absolutely maximum intensity.

    But suffice it to say that Lisa is filming 5 workouts in one day, so she's getting at least a 60-minute workout in at least 5 days a week, so there's that.

    1. I think Lisa has always been pretty open about working out more than 12 min a day for herself. And good job on the diet!

  2. I have just been doing the hiit max and at the beginning I think I was 132 I weighed myself last night and was 124. I just exercise. I eat lots of salads and protein smoothies but I also have a bad sweet tooth so I also eat a lot of candy corn

    1. Way to go on the weight loss! LOL on the candy corn!

  3. I saw Zuzka has the guns and pistol 7 on YouTube which I think is great. Its 20 min long. Next weeks couplets it looks like a lot of fun. My inner thighs are killing me this week

    1. I HATE to be sore, but for whatever reason I like it when my inner this are sore. :) LOVE the guns and pistols #7 workout. I will give her lots of credit for this one. :)