Friday, October 31, 2014

What in the World is Going on with Zuzka's ZGym

The questions on Zuzka's FB page are flooding in! People are confused, concerned, and don't know what to do with their current memberships.

I did just do a post on her page saying this:

The way I understand it is that sweatfactor.comand will now be TWO separate identities. You will have to subscribe to each or to just one - your choice. However, if you want to cancel from sweatfactor, I don't know how. Zuzka Light - you really need to clarify that for people please! Some of you might be able to respond to the email you've gotten, call WIN or contact your credit card companies to cancel for you.

I wish Zuzka would step up and RESPOND to people about what to do with their current memberships. Even if it is just to say - hey guys, I know you have questions. All will be answered tomrrow when I start my new ZGym. OR - if she is not allowed by contract to say anything, just tell us that! I was REALLY excited when I saw that a new ZGym was coming, but I want to make sure everything is clear too before I hand over my money again. PLEASE provide us with the customer service we deserve Zuzka!!! 
We will have to wait til tomorrow to see. 

Lots of people are rooting Zuzka on, some are pissed because they are unable to cancel their memberships, others are aggravated at the lack of communication, while others can't wait for the new ZGym and wishing her good luck. I say we give her the benefit of the doubt and see what happens tomorrow. 

Looks like a lot of her old videos are going to be owned by and they will use her videos among many others to provide daily workouts. 

Someone commented that they just signed up for a 6 mos membership. I hope that gets figured out. NOT FAIR or appropriate at all if she is not getting what she was expecting. 

I found this comment interesting:
That's what happens when people forget what got them to where they are today, and only focus on the money. No one is saying don't make money, but there are ways to do it, without forgetting your origins.

Good point all around for Zuzka (and BR) to keep in mind. Not pointing fingers here AT ALL, but something they should be reminded of regularly! 

LASTLY - if anyone wrote down the ZWOW's, ZShreds etc and wants to share. I will post them on this blog! 


  1. This is very frustrating. I, as well as all the other Zgym members, have put up with poor service throughout our paid membership. I still didn’t complain about the fee. I was perfectly fine with it. I was getting annoyed with the inconsistent service and quality of the gym—but hey, it still offered me value for the price. THIS, now, is not okay. I understand that most things may not be said due to contracts. I also understand, as disappointing as it is, that previous stuff from Zuzka will not be available. However, what I DO NOT understand is why there isn’t clear communication about where my money is going! I keep getting charged a lump fee every six months (so my membership is good for six months at a time). Do these changes mean that I don’t get her new zgym without paying again because sweat factory has already taken my money? If this is so, then there is no way I will resubscribe to her services. Truthfully, I am almost at the point of saying f*** it even if I won’t be double charged.

  2. i agree with you Lexxie! it would be great if we could get some information about this mess that we did not create..