Friday, October 31, 2014

Interesting Post by Zuzka and - by Freddy too

Zuzka posted a response on her FB page about what's going on with zuzkalight vs sweat factor. Pretty much as I said they will be 2 different entities. If you want a refund you'll have to get it via sweat factor. I know Zuzka will take a lot of heat for that and I believe it will affect her new Zgym sales.
Freddy did an interesting post on his FB page about Karma being a bitch. Yes it is Freddy! I'm a firm believer that what comes around goes around. Sometimes you give it and sometimes you get it.
Freddy did not want to go with WIN when he and Zuzka were approached a few years back. 
Let's see what the new zuzkalight brings tomorrow.


  1. Zuzka "I don't know what is happening to your memberships". You have to be f****** kidding me. Is she serious? How the heck can she even think that is an okay answer?

  2. Eesh. You know, I don't know Freddy or Zuzka in real life, but I gotta say that ~knowing~ what that comment on "karma" refers to is a definitely a little bit of a punch in the gut, lol.

    What happened with ZGYM is far from a good first impression, far from just a glitch. If there were any glitches with BR, they were taken care of right away, and it didn't seem to involve any payment.

    I remember a while ago when Zuzka was coming out with her DVD series, Freddy said something about DVDs being in the past.... while he wasn't wrong, it was totally clear about what he was talking about, so it's absolutely clear what his mention of karma is referring to.

    Meh, they are each others' biggest competitor, whether or not they would like to admit it. It's bound to happen. Does anyone have any popcorn? :) Happy Halloween, guys!