Friday, October 31, 2014

How to cancel from Sweat Factor

This was posted by commentator on Zuzka's FB page:

You can access the site to cancel your subscription. Go to I scrolled down to CONTACT and clicked on that. It gave me login access that works with your zuzkalight info. I went to Account, Subscription, and was able to cancel renewal.

I am not sure that this is working for everyone as some people have complained that their logins are not accessible. Just also not sure that everyone knows where to go on the web-site to cancel. 

What I REALLY don't get it that the above info was posted by a follower of Zuzka on her FB page. 

They have a FB page too:

You might be able to contact them there as well if you are still having trouble. Otherwise just contact your cc company and get them to deal with the charges.

Again - WHY Zuzka is not providing this info herself, I do not know. Such poor customer service. She has been in the business long enough to know better.

All I can say is she is either - really inept in providing customer service, completely narcissistic that she thinks customer service won't impact her product, afraid of coming out and telling us what is going on for some reason, or in denial and hopes that it will all go away once her new ZGym is introduced.

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