Saturday, November 1, 2014

Zuzka's NEW Web-sit Is Up And Running! And I'm No Longer Banned From BR is now all Zuzka. It looks pretty good too! I like it.

This is what is posted on there right now about her ZGYM: * Zgym is free for the first week of November. Sign ups will start November 8th and if you sign up by November 30th with a discount coupon NEWZGYM30, you'll be able to access ZGYM for the first 30 days for only $1!

She has a bunch of her latest workouts posted - so they are repeats for a lot of us, and it looks like new ones will start on Nov 8th. It's free until the 8th - which is good, because no one wants to pay for repeated workouts, but it will cost ONE dollar for the first month. That's also good because it will draw people in AND if anyone loses money on one month from her old ZGYM, this will entice them to keep going. 

I would however not give her a dime of my money if I signed up for 6 months and cannot get a refund. For those of you working on a refund, please keep me posted. Zuzka should honor those folks unable to get a refund with her old ZGYM. Now I don't mean take advantage of the situation, but if you really and truly cannot get a refund, let her know. Let me know. Give a chance to make it right. I'm sure they do not want their name smeared all over the place either. 
If they are unresponsive, let me know that too, I have some tips, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for now. The change was made over a weekend, so they might not respond until Monday. 

Zuzka has an FAQ posted and it's good, but not thorough. IMO it SHOULD have a question and answer about being an old ZGYM member and how to cancel or get a refund. Even if she doesn't know the answer, the question should be listed with sweatfactor's contact info.

Lets hope Zuzka makes everything right. 

I am happy to say that I am no longer banned from BR. I was banned from Lisa's FB page ages ago - maybe even before I started this blog, though I'm not sure why. That was listed and I can now comment and like her page. I've been active on her page. I love that Lisa is so responsive and like the community feel that Lisa portrays. She does it better than anyone out there so far. Gotta give credit where credit is due. :) 
I also was grayed out everytime I posted on BR. I had posted as this blog and was emailed to cut the crap, so I did, but I was still grayed out. That has since been fixed too.
Lisa had first responded to me about it on this blog (thanks again Lisa - and the interview questions are still open, hint, hint), but then 
I was actually contacted by a super nice BR employer who fixed the problem for me. 
She had tried to friend me on FB, but we went through Messenger instead. I know I'm probably paranoid, but I was not comfortable to give anyone who works for Freddy my personal FB info.
He is super smart and talented (again credit where credit is due), but he is also intimidating (IMO).
There was a comment on his FB page responding to his Karma post that it was about Zuzka and he was not being very nice. That comment has since been removed. My favorite comment from someone was - Oh, for Pete's sake. LOL! 

I understand why Freddy posted that Karma comment though. Perhaps Zuzka is getting what she deserves, I don't know. We all get our turn when we deserve it - one way or the other. If Zuzka works hard to make it right for everyone, she will come out on top, otherwise she will lost customers.
I'm rooting for her though.

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